Over One Billion Smartphone Users are at Risk of Hearing Loss: WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed that over one billion young smartphone users are facing the risk of irreversible hearing loss due to exposure to loud sounds.

The UN experts have told that smartphone users aged between 12 and 35 years are at risk because of listening to loud sounds like music being played on their devices.

Moreover, they further divulged that over one in 20 people (432 million adults and 34 million children) suffer from disabling hearing loss.

Experts have warned against noise-induced hearing loss and related conditions like tinnitus, which causes you to hear a ringing sound for hours.


WHO has also provided new guidelines to prevent this problem. One of such recommendations includes incorporating better functions on personal audio devices that oversee how long and how loud a person is listening to music.

The health watchdog also said that hearing loss generally remains unaddressed. But it costs the global economy $750 million. In order to address this issue, UN experts recommend people to ‘fit’ a ‘speedometer’ in their smartphones that can tell people how loud the sounds are. It can tell people when they cross a certain threshold of loudness.

The UN has provided recommendations for the mobile industry to include a parental volume control option in the devices. The propositions also include using technology to create personalized listener profiles by monitoring how frequent people use their devices and then telling them how safe they have been listening.

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  • I thinks it already introduced in smart phones that when you increase the music volume prompt will be shown that your hearing may be damage you want to increase or not. so i think instead of providing warning just do not allow them too loud sound.

  • “UN experts recommend people to ‘fit a speedometer’ in their smartphones”. Did they actually said speedometer?

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