Pakistan Books 300 Luxury Prados for Saudi Crown Prince’s Visit: Report

It seems Pakistan is planning to throw a lavish welcome on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s (MBS) first-ever visit to Pakistan.

According to media reports, the government has ordered 300 Toyota Land Cruiser Prados for the royal visit that starts from Sunday, February 16.

Upon His Majesty’s arrival in the country, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) aerobatics squad, Sherdil, will enthrall the Saudi dignitaries with the JF-17 Thunder jets.

Later on, an alert contingent of the armed forces will present guard of honor to the visiting dignitary at the Prime Minister House where he will stay during the visit. The renovation work there is almost completed.

There are reports that the Crown Prince will use his personal vehicle in Pakistan, which will be transported along with his other belongings. It is said that the royal delegation will bring 80 containers for a two-day visit.

Reports say that everything the prince will use during his first official visit to Pakistan, including the food, vehicles and other stuff, will be transported from the kingdom and that a special security squad comprising of 130 guards will escort the Crown Prince.

Days before the royal visit, a 235-member delegation of the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) has arrived in the country to review security arrangements. Former Army Chief General (retd) Raheel Sharif is leading the delegation.

During the visit, he called on Prime Minister Imran Khan, COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa, and the Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

During the much-anticipated visit, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are expected to sign a $20 billion investment deal including a multibillion-dollar oil refinery in Gwadar.

  • Whatever happened to being humble and spending as little of the state money as possible? It makes sense that the Crown Prince is bringing his own vehicle, security and other stuff but why do we have to do the same and provide ultra posh vehicles for that matter? Tax payer money well-spent.

      • Unnecessary investment. They were coming to invest in our country anyway even without us spending this tax payer money on luxury cars.

        • Oh so booking is free according to you then? They are Prados and not just one or two. THREE HUNDRED. Completely unnecessary. You are an example of blind following the blind.

          • about “200” luxury vehicles are booked to transport 103 member delegation of saudi businessmen and royal guards(remember this information is from media).These luxury vehicles are booked and booking is much cheaper than the actual cost.All of them are not prados.( they are still luxury)
            secondly,there is something called hospitality cuz you know the nature of saudi businessmen,they like to live in luxury and they are bringing their own super-luxury cars with them which by the way have already arrived in pakistan.You can judge their standard and this hospitality is necessary for them

    • total 1000 saudi guests including royal families are also coming to pakistan for which this luxury is being arranged.

    • Investment chahiye ya nahi?
      Land Cruisers pe baithnay waali qaum hai. Shukar karo Prado pe raazi horahay. Ab tum logon ki tarhan Mehrans ya Corollas pe tou baithnay se rahay.
      State protocol bhi kisi cheez ka naam hai. It’s not like they’re buying them, they’re only renting them.

      • They were investing anyway. This is just an additional unnecessary step to please the Saudis. Did you think there was an investment clause when they would only invest if provided with these vehicles? Lol get a clue.

        • And you think that they’ll go around in Corollas and Mehrans??
          Ever heard of a thing called state protocol? Awein k yehnn na bano. Pehlay nahatay huay paani bachanay ka socho phir qaumi khazanay ki bachat ka sochna.

          • why we are tied to be depended on mehrans even parts of those are also imported . One have money is scared by sharks so they are avoiding else we would have own manufacturing they even didnt allow steel,mill to run , selling rail tracks , eaten gts , airline in loss but private airlines booming all those were on big position no one asked letting us down every where . Those of some need to be hanged

  • Government should buy Mehran instead. Or is the government not proud of what the Japanese mafia has produced through abuse of localization regime?

  • To the writer:
    Please please attach a source when you’re inserting some figures in the article.
    Or anyone could say ‘Media reports suggest ProPakistani is not a reliable source of news’

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