Indian Minister Threatens to ‘Isolate Pakistan’ After Attack on Indian Oppressors in Kashmir

Blaming Pakistan for the attack in Indian-occupied Kashmir, India has vowed to launch an all-out effort to ‘isolate Pakistan’ across all diplomatic fronts.

India’s finance minister made these remarks on Friday after attending the meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Security.

Without presenting any details or proof, Arun Jaitley blamed ‘Pakistani hand’ in the deadliest attack on Indian forces in decades and said the government had withdrawn the ‘Most-Favoured Nation’ status to Pakistan.

He affirmed that Indian government will make all efforts to bring the perpetrators of the attack to justice and those aiding and abetting the perpetrators will have to pay a ‘heavy price.’

Pulwama Terror Attack

Earlier on Wednesday, a suicide bomber had ramped his car laden with 350 kgs of explosive into a truck of Indian paramilitary soldiers on Srinagar Highway near Pulwama area of IOK. The blast killed at least 44 Indian Central Reserve Police Force (CPRF) soldiers and injured scores of others.

Following the blast, the Indian military launched a search operation in the area and made several arrests.

The responsibility for the attack was claimed by a group fighting against the atrocities of Indian forces in the oppressed region.

Aftermaths of the Attack

The attack is likely to provide Hindu extremist government a solid ground to start propaganda against Pakistan and gain political sympathy by posing a tough stance to the peace efforts made by the Prime Minister Imran Khan.

It should be mentioned here that Pakistan and India had recently agreed to open the Kartarpur border between the two countries for Sikh pilgrims – the project may also face a delay amid the escalating tension.

Possible Indian Involvement?

Meanwhile, defense experts see a chance of Indian involvement behind the attack as it provides RSS-inspired Indian government an opportunity to justify their brutalities and atrocities in the occupied region.

Following the growing resistance, Indian forces have escalated the use of power in Occupied Kashmir. Last year was the deadliest in a decade which saw almost 600 casualties, most of them civilians. Thousands more have been maimed in recent years by pellet-firing shotguns used by Indian forces.

  • Modi Sahab :
    Just think Again : Agar Pakistani Bombb Maaaar Sakte to Kiya KASHMIR Azad Karna Kun Sa Mushkil Kaam tha :
    Hamari Army K Aghe tumhari Army TIKNE Wali Waisy he Nahi Hai

    Simple : Jo Gharajte hai Wo Baraste Nahi

  • False flag attack by Modi on Bollywood army, Modi is trying get few more votes from these kind of attacks, all because of upcoming indian elections.
    Ans some SHITHEAD indians actually believing Modi’s narrative…..

    • Not some most of them. Indians proved themselves hysterical monkeys. They are going after Kashmir. It will eventually help the Kashmir movement. Most likely Muslim umma will understand muslims are in crises mostly in India. We need to tell world fighting against army is not terrorism. Also we need to ban any group that do any attack on civilians. Also Pakistan need to keep low key. Let it resistance become Muslim issue and india internal issue. This way the backlash should not come to Pakistan only. Laikin agar itni aqal hamaray haan hoti ti kammi phir kiya thee

  • As Indian soldier said on their TV, indian govt. need to talk with Huriat leaders, otherwise, you cant stop these attacks, it will keep increasing.

  • India should stop doing blood politics as it has been there for decades and authorities and people clearly know who this attack is going to benefit most. The shameful thing is India still doesn’t learn from the 1st World countries who always unite with their neighbors and learned from history what it takes messing with them.

    Well, Pakistan has already moved forward and have taken to the path to join the league of 1st World Middle Eastern Economy.

  • Pakistan did a very bad job in diplomatic front. We needed to tell world why there is so much Indian army in occupied kashmir. We need to expose raw connections of Afghanistan terrorists. We need to stand Kalboshan in front of international media. We needed to expose India trying the plan to kill 200 million ppl by blocking pakistani rivers. What kind of human right is this. We needed to expose the intolerant india what they did to sikhs and kashmiris. If we do not expose the indian action, indians will expose the reactions much effectively. Moreover, its time we put in shape the Union of muslim countries. If they put sanctions against any, the mulsim union will not put sanctions. Muslims are good enough market size to sustain themselves. Only imports from muslim friendly countries needs to be allowed. If we do not do this right now, they will make life of muslims hard. India cannot do much becoz israel and zionist is exposed and usa is most isolated country in world. Therefore India cannot get any un fair advantage. But to get fair treatment we need to expose india more.

  • Dhuwan waheen se uthta hai jahan aag ho…

    I am quite convinced why the whole world blames us for terrorism.

    Rahi sahi kasar PM ki aaj ki national speech ne poori kr di hai jaise chor ki daarhi mein tinka.

    Why make a speech if we are innocent??? PM’s advisors always get him humiliated.

    Apparently this issue has now gone very wrong internationally and bringing bad name to us once again, as usual. When would we grow up as a responsible and fact-cognizant nation and start living outside the shell of social media?

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