Excise Dept Fetches Millions in Auction of Attractive Number Plates

Punjab Excise & Taxation Department has raised the maximum bid price for vehicle registration number LEB 19 786.

On Monday, the registration number 786 of LEB 19 series was sold out for Rs. 178,000 during the auction of attractive numbers for the year 2019.

The auction will continue for two days where people can bid for their favorite registration numbers.

Number 5 of the LEB 2019 series was purchased for Rs 0.16 million. Likewise, number 4 was sold out for Rs. 80,000.

The auction will continue till Tuesday.

The last batch of the auction in January attracted the highest bidding in its history.

The excise department had introduced the LE series of 2019 – and the 786 number of this series was auctioned for a record amount of Rs. 303,000.

The numbers 2 and 3 of this series were sold for Rs.100,000 each while number 4 and 5 were sold for Rs.115,000 and Rs. 160,000 respectively.

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