Govt is Considering Making Friday a Weekly Holiday

The federal government is considering to announce Friday as a weekly off instead of Sunday.

The decision is likely to be taken to further strengthen the business relations with Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries including the UAE and Qatar.

Media reports are suggesting that the government has asked various religious sections for their input on the matter.

It is to be noted that Friday is a weekly off in Arab countries while Pakistanis enjoy the weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

The matter may improve Pakistan’s business ties with Arab countries as; currently, the business sectors of these countries get a chance to work together on four days a week – on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

However, considering the array of fake media reports in recent months, take this matter with a pinch of salt.

Meanwhile, Saudi Crown Prince Mohamad bin Salman is currently in Pakistan on his first-ever official visit to Pakistan. During his two-day visit, business and trade agreements worth billions of dollars are to be signed between the two countries and in view of this the Government of Pakistan may announce Friday as the weekly off.

    • What About Sunday Office Work : Hamae Na to Adat hai Na Kar Sakte hai :
      Hamari Routeen He Kuch Aisi hai :
      Namaz is Very Important : UNI HO Ya Kaam : Sub Choor K Namaz Pehly :

    • He who can not say Friday Prayers due to Half Holiday,
      He will never say Friday Prayers in spite of Full Holiday

  • “The matter may improve Pakistan’s business ties with Arab countries”, Apparently the concerned persons do not have any idea of trade volumes conducted with Arabs and Non-Arabs, our major chunk of business is with Non-Arabs and with Friday off, we will loose more business. BTW, currently the situation in the business community is adopted to give plenty of time for Jumma prayers.

  • I donot Agree, All market usually close on Friday, If Holiday is on Sunday we can easily shop becuase shops are open, While on Fridays no one can go to market for shop, When there is Half Holiday on Fridays everyone can say the Friday Prayers…

  • In faisalabad and so many other cities local markets already enjoying friday off, it’ll be a great step

  • Friday is not a full working day. Go to any govt dept and try to find people after juma. Even in private organizations you cannot do much because of Juma prayers panic.

  • Our major trade is with the West, which is why Friday off and Sunday working suits us a lot. Depending upon geography and daylight savings, Pakistan is ahead of EU by 5-6 hours and ahead of US- Canada by 9-13 hours.

    Thus working Sundays gives is a head start in those markets (Mondays open) while Friday off doesn’t hurt ( Saturdays off.)

    It would be actually nice to have better trade with our neighbors and AsiaPac in particular there a few hours off won’t matter anyway.

    But neither our babus nor our mullahs have the brains to figure it out, except for making more stupid political issues. Now that all foreign aid is gone (West zero, CPEC suspended, Gulf mere “deposits” or MoUs), it is do or die in the next 4-5 years. How many bonesaws can we make?

    • Govt ne notification jaari kr dia hai jis ka itlaaq 1 march se hoga
      Yaha option nahi hai wara newspaper ki ek headline ka screenshot send krta

  • good decision. Friday holiday is very important for Muslims i.e. Jumma prayer.
    Buhat Barkat wala din hota ha. ibadad ka liay.
    Dino ka sardar ha juma ka din .

    • Bhai yeh tou app bilkul theik kahe rahay ho magar Friday ko mostly bazar band hotay Hain tou phir kya Karin??????? Sunday ko phir working day hai ab kya shopping karien yaa kaam????

      • Friday has been declared as a holiday . U can go for shopping after saying Namaz e Jumma . I hope u will manage as it is in your interest.

  • Friday holiday is best. Those who follow multinational companies of UK USA or other will take Saturday and Sunday off.

  • Sunday should remain holiday because the bazars are not closed so we can do our shopping easily whereas on Friday there would be complete shutter down due to this decision of government if government is trying to copy gulf states so government should provide the facilities to its citizen however let’s see what happens next . Government is trying to copy out gulf countries so it should improve itself like to make education common , health facilities better ,and police force advancement . May Allah do that which is in our best whether Friday or Sunday

  • This is your issue not the university, because all universities in Pakistan have jamma break mostly (2hrs). PAKISTAN GOVT DON’T take our holiday , we work so hard and get nothing. this will create more burden on people if you take Sunday on. AND don’t impress sudais prince. IMRAN KHAN BAD MOVE.

  • In Hyderabad Local markets usually Off so after that step whole country will enjoy Holiday on Friday.

  • This is a first good news from new government.
    if friday will be a holiday
    it would be blessing for all of us.

  • Holiday does not matter with Business. All or most business are running 24*7. Jis ki zaroorat Pakistan se hogi woh apni chutti walay din hamaray time p online aa k kar le ga even payments are done online.. aur jo hamari kisi ki zaroorat hogi to woh perticular shahks online ja k wahan k working day main apni zaroorat poori kr le ga..
    banks se cash related .. so that means woh sab local hai aur saray locals aik hi waqt main ON hoon ge aur aik hi waqt main OFF. so day of chutti does not effect business. Sunday ko sara Arab world ON hota hai.. aur Friday ko sara Europe and USA ON hota hai…
    Ab to saray businesses Mobile p hi chal jate hain.. and so 24*7.. so Pakistan main Jummay ki hi chutti honi chaheay… there are many families like me. my one son studies in Maddrassa, us ki Friday ko chutti hoti hai.. 2 daughters study in School n college.. un ki Sunday ko chutti hoti hai.. bachoon ko mil k bethne ka bahut kam waqt milta hai.. aur Parents ki kissi din bhi chutti naheen hoti.. we cannot plan to go out with whole family either on Friday or Sunday :(.
    till 1996, hamari govt bhi Friday ko chutti krti thee.. from 1996 till 2019.. sunday chutti ki wajha se hamari economy main kooee izafa naheen hua :(.. continually kam se kam tar ki taraf rawan dawan.. so 22 years are enough for anything for tajarba. so lets try Friday chutti tarjraba..

    Friday ko hi chutti honi chaheay..

  • Before in Islamic ruling jew and other religions were have to keep close their trade on Friday but until we allowed Uk creation and letting them be in gov its changed to sat sun if zia ul huq would hanged all those responsible . God promise for rizk no one can make a grain but struggle is must.

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