Indians Want BCCI to Ban Foreign PSL Players from IPL

Following the Pulwama Attack, Indian media and the masses have been spewing hatred for Pakistan.

The extremists have been trying their best to spoil the gentleman’s game, bringing politics into cricket.

Indian broadcasting company IMGReliance has already pulled out from covering the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2019, Cricbuzz has removed all the PSL data from its website and app and some former cricketers are asking to isolate Pakistan in all fields.

A number of Indian fans have used the social media platform, Twitter, to voice their suggestions of banning international cricketers playing in the PSL from participating in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

IPL is scheduled to start from 23 March 2019 in India.

Here are some of the tweets asking for the ban.

Anti-Pakistan messages have swarmed the internet and it seems like the Indians are filled with wrath against their neighbors.

  • International Players Will Boycott for IPL : (Mostly Played in IPL)
    PSL Never miss any International Player :

    Remember : PSL Is the Brand : Many Players Want’s to Come in Pakistan.

  • Common Indians ..if you have the balls let’s have a match PSL winner Vs IPL winner ..don’t bring politics into cricket ..

  • Bhai kyun Asay fazool topics post kertay ho. Don’t make a non issue into a issue. There’s plenty more fish In the see.
    There hatred will destroy them apni zabaan mut kharab kero

  • Who the hell india is to isolate Pakistan?
    If india is world’s 2nd most populous country then we are also at 6th number.
    Look it is very simple india failed badly to make kashmir its cordial part and that too in 70 years.
    The world should ask india about it. Now they are demanding foolish things to isolate Pakistan, ah india pakistan is not single person its place to 22 crore people.
    The world neither so cruel nor its so fool to walk on your orders.
    If india thinks that they can attack on us, then indians concerned agencies must considered that پاکستان of today is not same as it in 70’s.
    We have everything that requires for defense of our country and do not be fool we are capable of destroy you as well.
    So we will suggest you to stop blaming your failures on Pakistan.
    Come to shake hands for friendship its better way to resolve bilateral issues rather to fight. Rest all on you.
    We are ready for your every actions now.

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