PMA Warns People Against Eating Out in Karachi

Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has warned the people of Karachi from dining out, following the death of five children due to apparent food poisoning.

PMA, on Saturday, expressed grief over the unfortunate incident and requested the government to develop an effective mechanism to ensure that people get healthy food.

PMA, in its press release, said that such incidents had become a regular occurrence in the metropolitan city because of the government’s incompetence.

“These untoward incidents are happening beca¬use there is no monitoring system to check and control the quality of food on sale in the city. The food authority in the province should register every small and big food selling point according to the law,” the press release said.

“It must keep a regular check on cleanliness, hygiene at commercial food outlets and ensure that food being sold at these places is safe,” it added.

Calling dining out ‘poison,’ PMA urged people to avoid eating out unless the government takes concrete measures to ensure the monitoring of food stalls/outlets in the city.

“Till these steps are taken, we advise people to avoid eating out because they are not eating food but poison. Without any quality assurance, they might fall prey to fatal germs,” the presser suggested.

PMA also pressed the government to arrest the culprits involved in “negligence” which claimed the lives of five children.

  • People should eat out more. PMA should understand that the country is overpopulated so anything activity that results in more deaths should be encouraged.

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