PEMRA Issued 618 Show Cause Notices to TV Channels in Last 4 Years

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has released its annual report for financial years 2015-18. The report reveals a positive outlook of the authority’s progress.

The report states that the authority has issued 618 show cause notices and warnings to TV channels violating the Code of Conduct 2015. Moreover, it banned 25 programs and advertisements as punishment along with suspending the licenses of 13 TV channels and imposing fines worth Rs. 106.53 million during the said period.


The electronic media watchdog inspected 18,494 cable networks and seized 1,967 systems in the said period. It imposed Rs. 13.656 million in penalties. Moreover, PEMRA stopped around 80 foreign channels that were being run illegally on cable networks.

In coordination with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Customs Intelligence, the authority took 11,651 illegal Indian DTH and C-Line apparatus in Pakistan. It seized 386 warehouses hoarding this illegal equipment and registered FIRs against 13 smugglers involved in this business.


PEMRA Bars TV Channels from Airing Dramas With Indecent Content

The report, presented to the President of Pakistan, states that a lot of opportunities have arisen for employment and investment in the broadcast sector. In fact, the cumulative investment in the said sector amounts $7 billion while the employment in the sector was valued at over 500,000 individuals of diversified qualification and skills.

“If this speedy trend continues, it is estimated that the cumulative investment will enhance manifold by the year 2019-20. Thus, the direct and indirect employment should increase. This growth has paved for opportunities in allied businesses like production houses, advertising agencies, music and performing arts,” states PEMRA.

License Issued

The authority has issued 88 licenses so far for indigenous satellite TV channels. Out of these, 37 licenses belong to entertainment, 26 to news and current affairs, 4 educational TV licenses, 18 from the regional category, and one each to health, agro TV, and sports channels.

Apart from that, 35 landing rights permissions have been granted to offshore channels. Furthermore, the authority issued 4,060 cable TV, 4 IPTV, 6 MMDS, 1 mobile audio, and 5 mobile TV licenses.

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