Here’s How Indians Reacted to PM Khan’s Peace Gesture

Another day, another masterstroke from the Prime Minister Imran Khan as he announced to release downed Indian pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan as a gesture of peace.

PM Khan made this historic announcement while addressing a joint parliament session today.

He said that as a peace gesture Wing Commander Abhi, who was captured on Wednesday after Pakistan Air Force (PAF) shot down two Indian Mig 21 near Azad Jammu and Kashmir, will be released on Friday.

His brave decision has been applauded from both sides of the border. The way PM Khan has handled the crisis, his severe critics have become a fan of his wisdom and sanity.

Here’s how prominent people from the other side of border reacted to PM Khan’s decision:

It should be mentioned here, Wing Com Abhinandan was treated with dignity and in accordance with international norms during his brief stay in Pakistan – something which he himself has maintained in a video statement.

In a video released on Wednesday, he said he was looked after well and praised Pakistan Army officer by saying that they were thorough gentlemen, starting ‘from the captain who rescued him.’

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