Here’s What You Need to Know Ahead of PSL’s Pakistan Matches Starting Tomorrow

The Pakistan-leg matches of the HBL Pakistan Super League will be played from 9 to 17 March at the National Stadium in Karachi. The PCB has made elaborate plans to facilitate the spectators with the help of the Sindh Government, Police, and all relevant stakeholders.

The following is some important information for the spectators attending the matches.

Gates Opening Timing

Gates for all NSK enclosures will open three hours before the start of the match. This means gates for matches starting at 7 pm will open at 4 pm.

On 11 March, the only double-header will be played with the first match starting at 2 pm.

As such, the gates will open from 11 am. There is no ticket sale going on at the stadium or designated parking therefore, only ticket-holders are advised to come to the stadium.

Food and Refreshments

Spectators are strictly advised not to bring any kind of refreshments to the stadium.

Bottles of any kind will be withheld by security at all entry gates. Eatables, drinks, glass/ plastic bottles/ cans are strictly forbidden to be carried inside the venue.

Each enclosure will have an abundant supply of food, refreshments, water, and soft drinks which can be purchased on the spot.

Security Inspection

To ensure the safety and security of fellow spectators as well as players, officials, media and the event, all fans will be thoroughly checked at the entry gates.

The spectators are requested to cooperate with the security personnel who will be deployed so that you and your friends/family can have an enjoyable day/match.

Match-Day Traffic Plan

To avoid any inconvenience, the spectators and fans are strongly advised to review the match-day traffic plan as some roads leading to the NSK may be closed.

For complete details, you can click here or for latest updates, click here.

Car Parking and Shuttle Arrangements

Parking for fans will be available at the following spots:

  • The ground next to Hakeem Saeed Park.
  • Urdu University Ground
  • Itwar Bazar Ground next to Bait-ul-Mukurum Masjid
  • Ghareeb Nawaz Football Ground near Millennium Mall
  • Expo Center, University Road Fans can park their cars and head to the stadium through the bus shuttle service that will be run from these parking spots.

The fans must show their genuine match ticket and National Identity Card to park their vehicle and aboard the shuttle. Shuttle service will commence three hours before the start of the match and will run throughout the match/day to accommodate fans coming to and returning from the NSK.

General Terms and Conditions for Ticket Holders

  • Any firearms, toy guns, explosives, firecrackers, cigarette, matchbox, lighters, any sharp edge material like knife and metal/ wooden clubs are not allowed inside the stadium.
  • Each ticket holder shall carry his valid original CNIC/Passport or Form B (for below 18 years of age group) for entry in the stadium along with one (01) copy of valid CNIC/Passport or Form B of the purchaser of this ticket.
  • Every ticket holder, including children over 4 years of age, must be in possession of a valid ticket which shall be produced when demanded, to gain entry at the venue or any other time.

Additional Information for Ticket Holders

Only those with the tickets can travel on the shuttle. The physical ticket will be checked at the walkthrough gates. At the Stadium premises gates, the TCS team will authenticate the ticket and only then the ticket holder will be allowed to enter the stadium.

At the enclosure gate, the ticket will be scanned through the device and the stub will be kept by the TCS representative.

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