This is How Pakistan is Celebrating International Women’s Day [Pictures]

This doesn’t need to be said, but it bears mentioning all the same. Women have it tough in life.

Be it in terms of the responsibilities they take or the opportunities they get, the fairer gender has to struggle more to get what they want. They are paid less, have limited freedom, and do more to prove that they belong. And that’s not all. They often become targets of violence and exploitation, and we can’t help but think that there is something very wrong with things as they are.

Some of the issues that women face in Pakistan are:

  • sexual harassment in the workplace,
  • child marriage,
  • honour killings,
  • wage inequalities,
  • limited political representation.

Women deserve better, and that change has to come no matter what. This Friday, just in time for International Women’s Day, Pakistan will be holding Aurat March all across the country. This March is all about letting people from all walks of life know that Pakistani women deserve better.

About Aurat March

If we had to sum up what Aurat March (Women March) is all about, this tweet pretty much explains everything:

Women need to reclaim what’s rightfully theirs. Be it public places, better lifestyle choices, or economic opportunities, Aurat March will be bringing a cross-section of Pakistani society to come out in support for the women in the country.

Aurat March is open to all, and it has invited women from factories, offices and homes to lend their voice this Women’s Day. One for all and all for one.

Making a Point with Creative Slogans

Nothing like the International Women’s Day to come up with some catchy slogans and signs. Participants at the Aurat March did not disappoint at all:

The March is out in full force!

Some important points to note:

Even celebrities are throwing in their support:

Looks like the Aurat March is off to a rapturous start.

Here’s to hoping that this movement becomes a catalyst of change for the better, and that our society learns not to take the women heroes in their life for granted.

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  • In the name of Women’s freedom of speech/working/wearing/dressing, what disgusting things these so called women’s rights owners are displaying in public places.

  • I never found a single case where women are being paid less salary than men in Pakistan. This is the issue of Europe & US.

    And if all of these ladies were corporate employees, they would not get leave from office take banner march… true employers pay for working hours not march on streets :)

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