Toyota Increase Prices by 10% for Its High End Cars

Toyota Indus Motor Company has increased the prices of cars with engine capacity of over 1700cc by 10%. The new prices have come into effect from Monday, March 11, 2019.

Indus Motors CEO, Ali Asghar Jamali, has attributed the hike to 10% Federal Excise Duty (FED) imposed by the government on vehicles with 1700cc and above engine capacity.

The notice sent to the dealers by the auto company read:

It is important to note that FED will be applicable to all new and balance order (including full and partial payment). New RSP (retail selling price) will also be applicable to all government orders pending delivery with the company.

Updated Price List

Model New Price Filer
Corolla Altis M/T (1.8 liters) Rs 2,982,900 75,000
Corolla Altis A/T CVT-I (1.8 liters) Rs 3,120,400 75,000
Corolla Grande MT-SR (1.8 liters) Rs 3,175,400 75,000
Corolla Grande AT-SR CVT-I (1.8 liters) Rs 3,323,900 75,000
Fortuner 4×4 – Sigma 4 (2.8 liters) diesel engine Rs 7,541,900 200,000
Fortuner 4×2 (2.7 liters) petrol engine Rs 7,068,900 200,000

Here are the prices of all Toyota cars as per the new notification.

Five months ago, the company had increased the prices to pass on the impact of rupee depreciation in October 2018.

Feature Writer

  • XLi, GLi_ what else Toyota is selling in low cost cars?
    Lolz.. High End Cars :D
    Thin Body Sheet with Extremely unbelievable high cost :/
    No check and balance over Indus Motors Inc., and profit ratio of Middle Man Type showrooms.

  • People should boycott buying to send a clear message to the manufacturers – it’s a mafia!

  • Plz stop purchasing expensive cars….it’s not worth purchasing car of RS 33.5 LACK it’s maximum cost should be 20 lack…..

  • Chalo fir middle class banda khaab dekhta rahe aur upper class wale to wese hi le lenge.. No, but seriously people should stop buying cars we all should stand together and protest against this mafia inko pata hona chahiye ke awaam se government banti hai na ke jo dil kia karlia fir isse so called “Tabdili” kahoge.. Shame

  • There should be country wide compaign to stop purchasing Toyota brands with such a high price and low quality . All Pakistanis who intends to buy Toyota a should cancel their orders .

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