PTA is Enriching the Mobile Ecosystem and Curbing Counterfeit Mobile Devices

In order to facilitate the general public and, as per Telecommunications Act 1996 & Regulation, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s (PTA) mandate is to ensure that mobile devices being imported conform to technical standards laid down by international standardization bodies and do not pose any health or frequency issues in licensed spectrum being used in Pakistan.

Moreover, contrary to certain media reports, PTA has not imposed any restriction on the import of mobile devices (new or used).

In light of Federal Cabinet decision, PTA complied with the directives and Type Approval Regulations, DIRBS regulations & SOP were amended.

Accordingly, all entities planning to import a type approved model (new or used) can do so from the ease of their location by submitting documents via PTA online mobile device registration system ( This is done to create ease of doing business for all and enabling them to apply via an automated system.

It is also clarified, that Groupe Speciale Mobile (GSMA) is not an approving authority on mobile phone bodies. It is an international organization to which manufacture applies for issuance of Type Allocation Code (TAC).

Detail of approved models is available on the PTA website and updated periodically. For further information, visit

  • Dear team,
    No offensive but have a bit research before publishing articles, like always here in our country everything comes premature and unplanned into production and so the DIRBS.
    We being a tech company were doing R&W on a project and have wasted more than a month as the GSM ICs that we have got from local market are blocked by PTA and nobody is responding or understanding on what we are saying at PTA.
    We have followed the process as per DIRBS website and submitted details, it’s been more than 20 days yet we are saying the status pending, do you seriously think it’s ease of business?
    For private companies a single day matters a lot here we have wasted 20 days, the R&D team waiting for no good reason while the company is supposed to bear all the expenses and losses, doing no productivity.

    We were wondering an article to point out this to authorities, offense aside you might know well people sitting in our Govt. offices don’t understand IC, R&W, Circuit etc we were just helpless knocking different doors, after lot many efforts we found someone in PTA who is looking into DIRBS, we approached him and explained the story hearing a response like I’m only supposed to look into Mobile phone verification that having sim card slot, the IC doesn’t have sim card slot we can’t verify or register it.

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