Here’s How You Can Pay E-Challan in Pakistan [Guide]

Pakistan is crippled by poor traffic situation; a problem which has also suffered through the hands of corruption in the past. To overcome these problems and eliminating human interface, Punjab Safe Cities Authorities (PSCA) introduced the E-Challan system in Lahore last year in September.

The E-Challan system, initially launched in Lahore, is now being replicated in other cities as well which includes the capital, Islamabad.

In order to identify the traffic violators, ANRP cameras are installed at various locations throughout the city. Following the identification process, the challans are then dispatched to the home address of the violators which is stored in the database.

This process not only eases the lives of the authorities but also for the perpetrators, who have the facility to pay their dues over the internet. Previously, this process was extremely tedious and involved hours of standing in long queues.

There is denying that this was a much needed step. This process has eliminated human interference which means the chances of corruption are practically zero. Additionally, it has also helped the culprits to pay their fines much quicker.

Now that we understand how E-Challans are generated and what the benefits of it are, let’s talk about what are the steps if you are served with a notice.

Checking E-Challan Online

If you have broken any traffic law then expect a challan to be delivered at your door within a week. Here is how the challan copy looks like:Image result for e challan

The authority informs the culprits in two manners:

  1. Physical copy of the challan will be sent at your home address
  2. Information regarding the challan will be updated on their website
    • To check, visit the website
    • Enter the *CNIC and vehicle registration number
    • Download the challan form on your device

*Note that the car must be registered under your own name. If it isn’t then enter the CNIC of the actual owner of the car.

Paying the E-Challan

Currently, the system is fully operational in Lahore but the process of paying the dues in other cities will also be the same (unless we post otherwise).

Here are few of the methods through which you can pay the e-challan fine:

How to Pay E-Challan with Physical Copy:

  • Take the physical copy delivered at your home address to the nearest branch of Bank of Punjab or National Bank of Pakistan and pay the fine there.
  • You can also use the Bank of Punjab ATMs to submit the fine if you don’t want to be subjected to standing in long queues.
  • If the E-Challan is not delievered to your address, you can do the following things:
    • Go to the E-Challan website, print the challan and repeated any of the above two methods

How to Pay E-Challan via Internet:

  • In order to pay the challan online, the mobile application is currently under development through which the fines can be paid with ease.
  • Once developed, it will be available for download on Play Store and App Store both, catering to all kinds of smartphone users.

Did we leave anything out? Please let us know in the comments section below.

  • fines should be in thousands and not hundreds. I would say, just add a zero at the end. It should hurt the rich as much as the poor.

  • E-Challan for ProPK for payment of fine, traffic voilations, in Pakistan, and should compliment the NHA with the local police in all cities of Pakistan. The UN Road Safety should have proper accession etc., the NHA has also come with an APP., for general public and requested to avail for quick payment of ATA Carnet, transit, from the que from the e-TAG of NHA. Also entry for EV based autos., please consider for waiver of motor vehicle tax to the EV’s.

  • I suggest the NHA to consider the deployment of Road Safety in Pakistan particularly pedestrian, children, geriatric, seniors, weak and old man, who are injured while road crossing, should be taken with a heavy hand on all the roads of Pakistan. The signalling system should be put to AI not the mechanical relay based. Thousands of people are lying in the hospitals with road accident injuries un-treated. The matter be taken very seriously and statistics be shared with the UN road Safety in Pakistan.

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