57% Pakistanis Believe Imran Khan is Doing a ‘Good Job’

A country-wide poll, conducted by the International Republican Institute’s (IRI) Center for Insights in Survey Research, has shown that a combined 57 percent Pakistanis believe that the Prime Minister is doing a ‘good job’.

While 57 percent of the respondents were happy with PM Imran Khan’s performance, 56 percent approve of the government’s policies too.

The survey results show strong approval ratings for the current government. It has also shown that people have confidence in July 2018 elections. The respondents did express their concern over the economy as per the survey though.

17 percent of the respondents believed that the PM is doing a ‘very good job’, 40 percent believe he is doing a ‘good job’ while a combined 56 percent approve of the government.

A combined 40 percent of the respondents said that they are willing to give one or two years to the government to start delivering on its campaign promises.


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“The survey suggests that the government’s performance will be judged primarily on its ability to address pressing economic concerns,” says Johanna Kao, IRI Regional Director for Asia.

39 percent of the respondents identified inflation as the most important problem in Pakistan. 18 percent identified poverty while 15 percent deemed unemployment as the most pressing issue of the country.

Moreover, 77 percent of respondents with ages from 18 to 35 deem lack of jobs as the biggest challenge facing the youth of Pakistan.

As for the confidence in election results, 84 percent of participants believe that the results are either ‘very accurate’ (46 percent) or ‘somewhat accurate’ (38 percent).

A combined 83 percent were of the view that elections are either ‘completely free or fair’ (50 percent) or ‘mostly free and fair’ (33 percent).

The sample comprised 3,991 respondents aged 18 or above. The error margin was 1.6 percent.

via IRI

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