British Analyst Says Imran Khan Might be the Best Ruler Since Quaid

Since Imran Khan became the prime minister, he has been covered by international media relatively frequently.

Till date, he has been mentioned, and many times praised, by renowned media houses like the BBC News, the CNN, the New York Times, the Times of India, and so on.

Quite recently, he was praised quite profligately by Adam Garrie, a geopolitical expert and the Director of Eurasia Future Think Tank. While talking to Tehran-based “Press TV”, Garrie appreciated Imran Khan’s foreign policy choices.

He said that under his leadership, Pakistan stood up to the US as a sovereign nation. While commenting on Khan’s statement resenting Pakistan’s past dealings with the US, the British commentator said that Islamabad will no longer act as a ‘hired gun’ for the US.

“He’s creating a new mentality in terms not only of the general political atmosphere but in terms of all the policies that all of them are very positive thus far.”

“Well, when Imran Khan first came to power and formed his government just a few months ago, I went out on a limb but very confidently saying that he would be the best political ruler that Pakistan has had since the late and great Muhammad Ali Jinnah,” he said.


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Garrie had more to say on the issue, as he maintained, “And events that have happened over the last few months now that Imran is in the government, have totally vindicated this. He’s put very few feet wrong and many feet right in terms of foreign policy relations. He has embraced with that spirit of win-win multi-polarity.”

Approach Towards the US

He appreciated the fact that the PM of Pakistan had stood tall against the US.

“At the same time, he (Imran) has done something that none of his predecessors in recent decades has done. He stood up to the United States from a position of a sovereign nation, as opposed to a nation with a neo-colonial mentality that can be bamboozled by the CIA, whose civilians can be butchered by unmanned drone strikes, and that the US can spit upon whether it was withdrawing so-called aid which is really frankly just reparations in disguise – and a measly, paltry amount at that.”

Garrie further opined that Khan’s attitude was the reason that President Trump, who kept maligning Pakistan in the past, had asked the South Asian nation for help in the US’s exit from Afghanistan.

He had more to say, “If Imran continues on the path that he is pursuing I believe that Pakistan’s best days are very much ahead. Of course, there are economic problems which need to be solved and are being solved. But in terms of foreign policy, I think Pakistan’s new government really is demonstrating that it’s a clean break from the past.”

Via: Press TV

  • Because :
    Imran Khan the Legend have
    Build a Pressure
    Self Driving
    Time Management
    Business Communication
    Discuss in all Matters Etc

    No one all all skills

    • Can you stop being an IK salesperson? You’re on every single post that even remotely mentions him so you seem a bit too obsessed with the guy.

      • It’s is Our (Pakistan) Prime Minister : Non of Indian People :

        So, Closed Your Mouth “Patwariiii”

        • Just FYI, I’m not a supporter of Nawaz Sharif, Zardari, IK, or any other leader. I’m a supporter of Pakistan and Pakistan only. So keep your labels to yourself.

          Good steps should be appreciated by any leader. But the blind adoration that IK gets from his fans seems more than a bit over the top. None of you mention the cellphone taxes that his government has imposed on the common people and the rapidly falling currency exchange rate.

          • Cell phones and Cars are the two luxury items piercing our Trade Deficit at most. Cell Phone Taxes are reduced for lower priced phones and increased for costly phones. If you are not putting any blind adoration and if you want to support Pakistan come forward with your goodwills, solutions, support and ideas and you will find us besides you Bro..!

            • Cellphones are considered a necessity of life these days. From emergency situations to job searches and professional life, they make our lives easier every single day. They’re not a luxury item. Stop living in 1980 and you will find me beside you “Bro”!

            • 100% agree with you,. actually people uneducated and poor people watch their beloved news channel/anchors.
              so they say what they said. and those anchors justify their salaries by only putting blame on every single things and said shit always.
              so being a Pakistani we have to think positive and work for our country development and if see any thing good, we have to alteast whoever done this.

          • Who’s policies those were on which we are falling behind? Can a guy single handedly devalue a countries currency in 6 months? Other than that he is not kanani and kalia who can throw or pull tons of dollars in open market. For mobile policy he is doing right why don’t use local phones ? Luxuries do have price and if you are not made for luxuries don’t impose them on you. We blame our PM that we begs which he is not doing for himself but we beg for our daughter’s wedding so that it can be luxurious. We beg for our kids education so that he can get admission in top schools. But if our PM is begging for us to make this nation something we blame him. He isn’t building metro or Bridges with begged money he is building nation. The soon you will accept him soon you will be able to adapt naya Pakistan.

        • @Abdul WAHAB Alam bhai urdu me likh le yar… ye “closed your mouth” wali angrazi se mutli ho jati he.

  • Thats true that many promises have been broken did previously before the team get into govern..but its not only their mistake its our as well that we expected unexpected results from a human being in a very small period of time..and that is the point opponents use for leg takes time to understand the processes..and we should wait more with peace with the thought that at least corruption is not much easier now then earlier..

  • Press TV is an Iranian TV n News Network. how did u mix it up with Britain?

    Lame and low level of investigative journalism / article write-up.

      • Where do you bias and yellow ? Can you please point out because he (journalist) hasn’t written anything wrong, unless you’re a corrupt Nawaz’s fan, who is looking really bad after Imran Khan became PM.

        • He (Jounalist) hasn’t written anything wrong this is your (A bigot youthiya’s) opinion. In my opinion he is wrong. And by the way it is not necessary that if someone goes against IK or have different opinion, is supporting Sharif or Zardari or any other. Grow up and have a life your Party and leader is no more in opposition. People will point each and every step just like they did in the past. People know how they came in power and what are their propaganda machines.

    • How are you mixing up these two things? You need to understand that he is a British Analyst who spoke to an Iranian News Network. Not someone who works for the network.

  • How may times did this pro-PTI page post reports on previous Government policies and leaders being praised by international journals (journals headed by editorial boards of more than one such Analysts). And here is one British Analyst’s opinion being expatiated.
    Oye Pro-PTI page waleyo nach nach ky gittey na sujja layyo, tuwadi gitteyan wich mojood aqal v sujj jani..

  • Is ProPakistani a Media Front or Sales Store of PTI and IK? Is there any space of Politics in ProPakistani Domain? Isn’t it a Tech, Business, Auto, Sports and Life Blog as per the Navigation bar showing at the moment?
    Agr ap log Politics py blogging kr bhe rhy hain tou 2019 ki Hajj Policy aur expenses k increase hony py Blog kahan hai? Govt. k liye Eye Opener content bhe tou hona chahiye k nahi? Uss k ghalat decisions ko bhe highlight karain aap log ya sirf Paid Content dalty rahain gy?
    Politics py baat karty tb achy lagain gy jb Neutral hon one sided baat karny se na IK ko faida ho ga na Govt ko. Awam ko sb pata hai bhugat rhi hai awam usy pata hai k kya result hai filhal is govt ka.

  • And why should we care what a certain British analyst has to say? We were ruled by the British in the past and are still enslaved to what their opinion is about our country. Stop promoting such stories like they are a huge deal.

  • We proud to be having such an Intelligent and kind President.
    The decision of the president Imran Khan ‘releasing Indian Pilot Abhinandan’ will be remembered by the whole world and it’s the one of the great symbol of humanity.
    #Always Humanity Prevails
    #ImranKhan #World Best President.

  • Actually we have been adapted to the conditions created by previous politicians. Adapting good things and digesting something new will take some time.

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