Time Wasters Start Filing Fake Complaints at Pakistan Citizen Portal

It has been almost six months since the launch of Pakistan Citizen Portal. The initiative was hailed as a revolutionary one by the government and many experts as well.

The initiative was to bridge the gap between the masses and the government. It was to give the common person an opportunity to communicate their issues to the government.

In only two months, a total of 535,134 individuals had used this app. These individuals included 39,946 overseas Pakistanis and 1,482 foreigners as well.

While the figures seem quite promising, it has turned out that the app is being misused as well. Citizens are filing false and fictitious complaints against the government officials just to vent out their grudges.


These Are The Latest Stats for PM’s Citizen Portal App

They are filing complaints to defame some public officials. In fact, 200 false complaints have been filed against the public officials hailing from more than 25 government departments.

The reason for its misuse is that there is no process to scrutinize the complaints. People are even submitting anonymous applications to PCP, which gets forwarded to the relevant department for inquiry.

The registration process does not involve any verification as to whether the applicant has provided correct information or not.

Anybody can file an anonymous application to the PCP without having to disclose their identity. While it may render many complainants comfortable with the app, this very feature (or flaw) leaves a loophole for miscreants.

There is no denying that the PCP is a good move and has resolved thousands of issues. But it needs to be free of the aforementioned flaws so nobody can abuse this initiative for their personal gains.

Via: Express

  • “The reason for this misuse is that the registration process does not involve any verification as to whether the applicant has provided correct information or not.”

    I don’t think so this is the case as it somehow have access to NADRA via API. As per anonymus complain I agree to some extent. But the developer can get this information for sure. Being a developer I can confirm this.

  • Dear All,

    May be it is true that some people have lodged fake complaints however I have complaint against K-Electric on October 28, 2018 at 23:00 having complaint #: SD281018-0101526, then my complaint is forwarded to chief Secretary Sindh on November 02, 2018, after that the same complaint is forwarded is CEO K-Electric on December 10, 2018 then he forwarded my complaint to Director Customer Complaint K-Electric on Feb 03, 2019 so that he replied on portal to please provide contact details for the resolution of complaint whereas I have already provided my Account Number of K-Electric, Consumer #, Meter Number, My Address and my Cell anyway after that on Feb 24, 2019 he replied me that your complaint has been received and we are looking into the matter after that he replied me on Mar 01, 2019 that you are requested to please visit your concerned IBC with CNIC & Paid bill whereas we have already visited the IBC with all originals many times and also emailed to K-Electric so that I have complained on citizen portal but nothing has been done therefore I am telling you hereby that do no waste your time by complaining on citizen portal as it the waste of time and useless. I can share you all screenshots any time.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Abdur Rehman

    • Rehman sb, my experience with PCP has been great. I complained about corruption at Lahore airport and problem is almost solved by Lahore airport by having ribbon queues. this portal is very good.

        • Agreed as whenever I or My Father has complained to Punjab Government regarding our issues of land, electricity etc in Rahim Yar Khan however the problem is solved by the Punjab Government till Ex CM Shahbaz Sharif very soon after that I have complained against Patwari to CM Punjab, to Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan but no action is taken taken till date whereas If we complaint to Sindh Government nothing is done by Government even though complaint is redirected from Honorable of Prime Minister of Pakistan or Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan.

      • PCAA is a Federal Government institute hence the problem is solved but K-Electric is corrupt institution and is a private institution therefore if they close the complaint no one will ask from them.

  • Complaints are set to be resolved without taking any further action except forwarding to different departments. That’s my personal experience and the same were with my multiple complaints.

  • some points cannot be under stand by citizen portal management team ….people again write the application …

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