SCO Launches New Products & Offers for Pakistan Day

SCO offers different and attractive packages for its subscribers in the AJ&K and GB. On the most memorable day for Pakistan, SCO has announced two state of the art products and one huge offer for its valuable customers. The details of these services are given below:


SCO is launching “SCO 4G Dongle” and “SCO 4G MIFI” to its customers. You can choose from two different SCO internet devices with different packages specially designed to give SCO customers seamless connectivity.

Both devices are data compatible and can only be used on  SCO’s network. SCO has offered 4G packages with up to unlimited data limit per month.

  • SCO 4G Dongle – SCO 4G Dongle is a high-speed USB internet modem that plugs into Laptop/PC and gives instant internet access on the go. The device can connect up to ten wifi devices at the same time.
  • SCO 4G MIFI – SCO 4G MIFI is a high-speed internet modem, providing you blazing speed everywhere in the network. The device can connect up to 10 wifi devices at the same time and offers uninterrupted connectivity.
  • Prices – Introductory prices for both the devices are:
    • 4G Dongle: Rs. 1,800
    • 4G MIFI    : Rs. 2,500

SCO 4G Dongle and MIFI Packages:

Below are SCO’s special packages for 4G Dongle and 4G MIFI devices. These packages will be available on both devices.

SCO Smart TV App

SCO hass also launched a new facility for all its valued customers of AJ&K and GB in the shape of a Smart TV app which provides a platform for live streaming 90+ channels using SCO internet.

The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play. The app comes with over 90+ local and international channels, so you can stream your favorite dramas, movies and TV shows. SCO Smart TV App will bridge the entertainment gap for the youth of AJ&K and GB.

Azadi Package (Mini Super Card)

In the spirit of Pakistan Day, Mini Super Card has been made even more SUPER. Now you get Double Load upon loading Mini Super Card. This offer is valid only on 23rd March.

For further information call SCO helpline 111-726-726 or visit our website

  • What is The Benefits for This ARTICLE ?
    Even SCO isn’t available in Pakistan (Except Gilgit Etc Area) ?

  • Pak Fauj Zindabad !!!
    SCO hasn’t got any license to operate in Pakistan, AJK, GB yet they will soon be taking over whole CPEC route from Khunjrab to Gwadar as regards Land line, optic fibre, broadband etc. etc. They will also be offering 3G, 4G across Pakistan without buying the spectrum and without paying any duties for their imported equipment.
    Thanks to PTA which is now being headed by a General in Naya aka stinking Pakistan.

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