PM Rejects PCB’s New Model, Wants Six Regional Teams in Domestic Circuit

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) patron in chief, Prime Minister Imran Khan, has rebuffed the domestic cricket model presented by the cricket’s governing body.

According to the details, the new model included departments as well as regional teams, however, Imran Khan turned down the possibility of departments in domestic cricket.

The premier directed PCB to rework the structure to include only six regional sides, including one each from Gilgit-Baltistan, Balochistan, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and two from Punjab.

Earlier, Imran Khan asked the board to formulate a domestic structure based on Australia’s Sheild cricket structure.

PCB’s director of domestic cricket, Haroon Rasheed, prepared the model following Imran Khan’s instructions to reduce the number of teams allowing only the regional teams to participate in the premier domestic tournaments. However, PCB had kept the departments in the mix as main sponsors for the regional sides.

The new model included 8 regional teams with different associated departments like HBL, PIA etc. as primary sponsors, giving them a fair stake in the domestic cricket while making the teams self-sufficient.

Currently, 16 teams – 8 departments and as many regional teams – take part in the domestic cricket. However, Khan only wants 6 teams playing first-class cricket while also directing PCB to provide a conducive environment for youngsters, not allowing the talent to go to waste.

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