Pakistan Might Become an Oil Exporting Country Soon: Petroleum Official

Pakistan might become an oil exporting country in the future, a senior government official told Gulf News.

The unnamed official made these remarks just a day after Prime Minister Imran Khan, in an informal meeting with journalists, hinted that the country might have found huge oil reserves off the coast of Karachi.

The official was quoted as saying that the expected oil reserves are located 230km offshore Karachi close to the Iran border.

“It is too early to determine the size of the reserves, but it is expected to be big enough to cater to Pakistan’s oil needs,” he added.


Asia’s Largest Oil and Gas Reserves Might Soon be Found Near Karachi

Meanwhile, Petroleum Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan said that the drilling companies are close to completing their target and have found the pressure kick, a positive sign .

“We will reveal details next month,” he added.

Earlier on March 21, the prime minister told senior journalists that the nation would get good news within three weeks.

He said the offshore drilling was in final stages and that there could be a significant discovery. “If the reserves are found, Pakistan won’t have to import oil and gas from abroad,” the premier added.

  • Pakistan will be become among top 5 in oil exporting countries. wealth will flow through each and every city and we don’t have to rely on others for oil which will saves us ton of money each day.

    • kuch ziadah nahin choor di aap nay, bhai dehaan karna aap ke ANDOON wali tokri na gir jai ……………..ha ha ha, billi ko khawab mein chichray

  • Aameen ya Rab ❤️ Insha’Allah
    We need money, please.
    Guide us to the right path and help us succeed in both the worlds.

    • acha aby bhai exxon mobil ki website per ja wahan sab likha hwa hai k kub start howa Khakaan abbasi k tatty

  • We will never learn. Lets find something concrete first and then announce. Pressure kick is not always because of something ‘positive’. Idiots!

  • very True, Jitna Tail is PM MD nay is Qaom ka nikalna hai phir tum hum export hi karaingay.

  • Hakumat shugalia ho yaan mughlia magar one credit surely goes to this Khan’s Government, k pehley waalon ki terhan Taxpayers ki tax money aur / foreign loans and funding se na tu apnay ghar bharey han na hi foreign accounts aur properties banai han ………….

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