Press Conference 2019: Here’s What Changed for Daraz in 2018

Daraz is the leading online marketplace in South Asia, empowering tens of thousands of sellers to connect with millions of customers. With more than 2 million daily active users, Daraz offers over 4 million products in 100+ categories.

Founded in 2012, Daraz has grown into more than just an e-commerce website; it is now a mall, a marketplace, and a community in your pocket. It has simplified shopping by delivering 1 million packages every month, transformed lifestyles and created 50,000 jobs.

Ever since its inception, Daraz has been consistently improving its services keeping the end-users at the heart of its developments.

2018 – A Game-Changer for Daraz

2018 has been a year of a complete overhaul for Daraz. From a new, personalized app offering a unique experience to the introduction of DarazMall, Global Collection for shoppers interested in buying from abroad and Daraz Wallet for easy payments and instant refunds, Daraz has set the bar high for its competitors.

Top-ups & E-store for convenience and a Voucher Module for the deal hunters in addition to Message Center and Q&A features have made Daraz all the more user-friendly and interactive. Features like ‘Purchase Protection’ have won the trust of millions of users from across the country.

With a promise to introduce even more innovative features in 2019, Daraz is bringing ideas to life.

The All-New App

In a bid to further improve the user experience, Daraz’s new app offers an interactive and user-friendly interface. With real-time machine-learning algorithms, the application displays the right products to the right customers which is evident from the impressive click-through rate of almost 20%.

Personalized product guides ‘Just for You’ help the users get useful information about the products they like.

The app offers a personalized experience for the sellers, supported by over 450 data points within Daraz app e.g. browsing, clicking and search behavior. Displaying relevant products helps satisfy 90% of Daraz customers and the fact that search results are based on seller performance helps top sellers get more visibility.

Time spent on Daraz app has gone up by 3x, which speaks volumes about the company’s efforts to make shopping simpler for everything.

Redefined Logistics Operations

To overcome logistical challenges in Pakistan due to lack of digitalization, Daraz has taken upon itself to change the e-commerce operations landscape by starting Pakistan’s first logistics company called DEX specifically designed for e-commerce operations.

With improved tracking and visibility, DEX is already delivering 55% of orders on Daraz with a far better turnaround than the external partners. More than 1,000 riders in 30 cities ensure timely delivery of the products. With first-hand experience, Daraz is also helping the local logistics players in digitalizing their operations.

Daraz offers one day delivery for grocery – from 30 hubs across the country – and other selected products. You can easily see which cities have products ready to be delivered within a day by using the city filter.

For smooth product delivery, Daraz keeps top 30% selling products in its own warehouses and has it’s own “Fulfilled by Daraz” premium feature; this means that the product is shipped from one of our own warehouses.

DarazMall, Daraz Wallet & Global Collection

DarazMall is the doorway to the top-trained sellers that are committed to top-quality products, express shipping, and 14-day return policy for over 100,000 products from 300+ top brands across all categories. The idea behind the initiative is to keep the customers protected and at the heart of our operations.

With over half a million followers in the last 3 months, DarazMall brands have earned the trust of customers. The rating and review system allows potential buyers to get useful insights into the products before making their decision.

Refunds for returned products have always been one of the major pain points for customers because funds have to go through multiple banks to reach their accounts. With the Daraz Wallet, Daraz has made the refund process instant and convenient. Customers can also use the wallet to collect vouchers and make online payments with maximum security and convenience

Daraz Global Collection offers over 1 million overseas products with free delivery and no hidden charges. The best thing is that you can get your favorite products delivered to your doorsteps with easy payment options including cash on delivery and other usual payment gateways. Daraz offers the hottest deals at the best prices with the most efficient supply chain, delivering the products within 2 weeks along with hassle-free returns.

Top-Ups and e-Store

Daraz now offers instant Mobile Top-Ups for prepaid, postpaid and bundles for all leading mobile networks in Pakistan with special discount offers.

Daraz eStore offers discounts and deals in 6 categories including gift cards, game codes, restaurant, spa, entertainment, travel & insurance packages. Voucher Feature allows the users to get amazing discounts and vouchers for use within the app as well as local discount offers usable at different places. Collectible Vouchers can be collected by the customer and are automatically stored in the Daraz Wallet.

Vouchers not only benefit the customers but also the sellers as those who offered vouchers saw a 5x sales in 2018. The customers collected and redeemed over 2.5 million vouchers in the previous year which speaks for the demand of these discounts.

Daraz Q&A and Message Center

Daraz Q&A feature allows the customers to ask questions directly from the sellers for better decision-making. With an average response rate of 12 hours, 800,000 questions were answered by the sellers in 2018, which speaks for Daraz’s commitment to ease of buying. Not just this, Daraz also plans to introduce a live chat feature for better interaction in the near future.

Daraz Message Center keeps all your information including Order Status, Personal Push Notifications and Special Promos in one place. Daraz uses smart algorithms for sending personalized push notifications and emails providing useful information such as price drops and low in stock on users favorite products. AI-driven recommendations help achieve up to 20% clickthrough rate.

Seller Training

Daraz is a University for Entrepreneurs.

Gone are the days when people used to build their physical shops and work all day to return home without reaping the right rewards. With Daraz, anyone who has a smartphone can start a business and learn the tricks of the trade from industry experts. Daraz educates more than 2,000 new sellers every month which is reflective of the company’s commitment to quality.

Technology and Seller Education are the keys to create a safe and happy shopping experience for Daraz’s customers.

Daraz focuses on ensuring appropriate pricing, product quality and service levels which is the reason why all sellers are educated through Daraz University. Setting up false prices and misleading customers can get the sellers penalized as Daraz keeps an eye on everything through state-of-the-art technologies.

Future Course of Action

With a mission to ‘make it easy to do business anywhere in the era of the digital economy’, Daraz has set ambitious goals for a better, digitally connected Pakistan.

Daraz’s six aspirations to lead Pakistan into the Digital Era by 2022 include driving 100%+ annual growth of the e-commerce market, reaching 200,000 active Daraz sellers and engaging 25 million Daraz users monthly. Creating 1 million jobs, revolutionizing logistics operations and offering digital payment to 10 million new customers are the other major objectives set out by Daraz for the next four years.

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