Martin Kobler Lauds PIA’s Friendly Staff and Timely Flights

The national flag carrier, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has been trying its best to raise its standard of services. However, every now and then, some bad news about national carrier gets circulated in the media and it all goes back to zero. Not according to the German Ambassador to Pakistan, Martin Kobler who hailed the services of PIA for being on time and friendly staff.

The top diplomat took to Twitter, as always, to share his views about his recent PIA flight to Skardu.

Here’s what he said:

پی-آئی-اے کے جہازوں کے عملے میں بھی فالورز دیکھ کر اچھا لگا۔ سکردو کی میری حالیہ فلائٹ پر اچھی گپ شپ لگی۔ پچھلے چند ہفتوں میں کچھ پی آئی اے کی پروازوں پر سفر کیا، تمام وقت پر اور اسٹاف دوستانہ تھا! ایسی سروس جاری رکھیں!!

Kobler is in love with Skardu as his tweet shows:

In the last two years, the German envoy has made a huge number of fans in Pakistan, thanks to his friendly interactions with whoever he meets. This is the reason why he found one of his followers on a PIA flight to Skardu, where he enjoyed ‘chit-chat’ with the flight attendant.

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