Android Q Beta’s Second Update Adds Better Navigation and More

Just recently, Google released Android Q beta which promises better overall privacy as compared to Android 9.0 Pie and a number of other features related to themes, notifications, battery display, etc.

However, shortly after the release of Android Q beta, Google is ready to send out its first update. Even though most of the features are still in the testing zone, the company is promising a number of bug fixes, updates, and optimizations. Some of the most noticeable features are:

Chat Bubbles

Android Q Beta now supports chat bubbles, which are kind of like Facebook Messenger’s Chat Heads.

If you use Facebook messenger, you would be familiar with what chat heads are. These are small chat bubbles that let you continue with your conversations even if the main app is minimized which improves the multitasking abilities that the OS provides.

Having these available for the messages app on Android will be a nice quality of life change.

Gesture Controls

Google has been using gesture controls since Android Pie was introduced however, these gestures were not as sophisticated as iOS. They were unresponsive at times but in Android Q beta the gesture controls have been changed up and are much sophisticated now. Swiping along the bottom of the screen allows you to switch between apps, which is a lot easier and faster now.

Here’s how it works, courtesy of Ben Schoon from 9to5Google.

Android Q might ditch the back button altogether, in favor of a pure gesture-based navigation system.

Foldable Phone Emulator

This is the perfect feature for users who would like to invest in a foldable phone but are unsure of how it will feel. This emulator lets you see how Android Q beta will look like on foldable phones.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, there are a large number of other back-end changes which improve the overall experience. It also comes with updated software development kits for app developers.

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