Prices of Various Imported Products Shoot Up By 15%

While the PTI government has promised tabdeeli in their election campaign, the only difference we see these days seems to be the surging inflation.

Multinational companies have raised prices on their products 5%-15%, while prices for items like oil, rice, and sugar have also seen significant hikes.

This rise in petrol/diesel prices has also impacted the transportation business, with fares from one stop to another being increased by PKR 2 and for the longer routes, there has been an increase of PKR 20-30.

Customers can be seen arguing with transporters throughout the country and on top of this, tandoors across the country have also announced that they are going to increase prices.

The change in prices can be seen in the table below:

Before (In PKR) After (In PKR)
Oil 150 per pouch 160 per pouch
Sugar 58 per kg 60 per kg
Rice 160 per kg 200 per kg
Soap 45 55-60
Ketchup 185 200
Flour N/A 810 per bag
Bhindi N/A 200
Bitter Gourd (Karela) N/A 300
Kachnar N/A 240
Bell Pepper N/A 140
Peas N/A 80
Tomato N/A 70


Let us know what you think about the surging inflation below.

  • Inflation, interest rate doubled, dollar price may be doubled in near future, worries of common man doubled

    GDP growth rate almost halved, our saving almost halved (Rs devaluation+inflation)

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