Australian Senator Says Comments Against Muslims Are a “Disgrace”

Following Christchurch mass shootings, Australian Senator Fraser Anning made controversial comments, attributing the attacks to increased immigration over the years. The politician’s comments sparked a wave of criticism not just from the general public but from politicians across the globe as well.

Recently, a fellow Senator, Sarah Hanson-Young disowned Anning, saying that ‘he is not us’ and that he doesn’t deserve to be a called a Senator or even Australian. She further went on to call him a ‘disgrace’.

He must be suspended. He does not deserve another moment of privilege in this place [Senate]. He is not fit to represent the Australian people.

She slammed the far-right anti-Muslim politician for justifying the bloodshed.

People lost their lives and you think it’s a joke. What an absolute disgrace. He has no right to have the privilege to stand in this place and spout that hatred, that racism.

The video featuring her speech has been circulating over the internet and people are praising Green’s party Senator for her outright comments.

Earlier, Anning’s hateful comments were condemned by the Australian parliament collectively, calling them ‘inflammatory and divisive comments seeking to attribute blame to victims of a horrific crime and to vilify people on the basis of religion, which does not reflect the opinions of the Australian Senate or the Australian people’.

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    • Aap mohtarma senator ki kahi hui baat pe dehaan dain, tasweer par naheen.

      She earns great respect for her powerful speech there.

      • Yes Brother you are right but again when I opened this link I scrolled down rapidly so no one around me could see the picture.

      • Bech chorahey nangi aurat khari kar ke bolein ke ap baghair notice kiye guzar jain…Really a pathetic approach and we r carrying it to Pemra for sharing non ethical and sensational pics…..

    • Kyun change it? If you have problems with it, close your eyes. Stop imposing your views on others, it will do you better.

    • Exactly! Saste youtube k video thumnail banae wala hai koi.. jo picture lagai hai woh video main hai bhi nhn.. just a trick.. a typical hyperbolic clickbait!

      • Funny thing is it baited you into the post just fine. Itni takleef thi to click hi kyun kiya. Such hypocrisy, much wow.

        Sahi naam rakha hai, laado saabun. Isi se apni aankhain dho lo.

      • The above applies to you all the same. The likes of you are just the sort of people who click and later complain.

        How typical.

  • The fact that she’s supporting us and we’re making lecherous comments about her says a lot about us. These people need to get out of their basements more often.

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