Car Production is on The Rise in Pakistan

A data-based, five-year report has revealed that car production has gradually increased in Pakistan.

The following is a year-wise breakdown of overall car production in the country from 2016 to 2018.

Year Car production
2017-18 218,372
2017-16 186,936
2015-16 179,944


It should be noted here that the overall installed capacity of car manufacturing in Pakistan is 300,000, which is more than the vehicles being sold in the country. Also, the upper limit has not been achieved so far; the year 2017-18 was the closest though.

The report shows a consistent increase in the numbers years-wise, which indicates that the automobile industry is heading in the right direction.

Currently, three automobile giants, Pak Suzuki Motors, Honda Atlas and Toyota Indus Motors are dominating the car manufacturing in the country.

Pakistani auto market is highly concentrated in the 800cc and 1000cc segment and Pak Suzuki Motors still has the monopoly in this segment; they are the major car manufacturers in the said capacities.

It would suffice to say that Pak Suzuki rules the automobile sector in Pakistan. The company has a production capacity of 150,000 cars – half of the total production capacity in the country.

Year Car Production (Suzuki)
2017-18 123,846
2016-17 97,531
2015-16 97,409
2014-15 76,861
2013-14 64,522


Its major share remains in the 800cc segment where more half of its total production comes from.

Here’s what data says:

Year Car Production (800cc)
2017-18 69,078
2016-17 57,842
2015-16 66,957
2014-15 54,333
2013-14 42,476


To provide an equal playing field to all the players and to break the monopoly of any single company, the government has brought in other players as well. In previous years, the PMLN government issued production licenses to United Motors Car Company and Regal Automotive Industry including others.

This not only opened up the market but also provided the consumers with a variety of options in the segment above.

Via: The Nation 

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