Roof of Islamabad International Airport Starts Leaking Again

Following a light drizzle last night, the roof of the ‘state-of-the-art’ Islamabad International Airport’s terminal started dripping again, causing trouble for the passengers.

While the capital city saw a pleasant change in its weather on Sunday night following the persistently rising temperature for the past few days, the rain did not bode well for the airport management.

The roof the airport’s terminal building started leaking after a small bout of rain showers entered the city. The airport staff had to place bins under the leaking roof to contain the water from spreading elsewhere.

The seeping water has been causing trouble for the passengers as well. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) spokesperson said that the plaster had come off of the fall-ceiling, causing the roof to leak. The official told that they had started the repair work immediately after the occurrence.


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According to a local media report, the airport manager was unaware of the situation.

It is not the first time that such an incident has happened. Only last year, a few months after its inauguration, the airport got flooded following the first spell of the Monsoon. The water wreaked havoc for quite some time, as after the wastewater was pumped out, the mud had chocked the pipelines and toilets.

A few months later, the ceiling of the international lounge at the IIA collapsed leaving two people injured.

In December last year, the customs cargo building of the IIA was rendered unsafe and the staff was rushed to an alternative place after the ceiling started cracking. As per the media reports, the cracks kept widening and the building started caving in from one side.

Notably, IIA has been built at a whopping Rs. 100 billion. It was dubbed as the technological marvel by many.

Via: ARY

  • Am atomic arm equipped country. However Pak need not to worry. They are going to hand it over to one of their lenders in near future. And the PM is capable enough to collect donations for repairs if the lenders refuse to take over the rotten property

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