New Islamabad International Airport Drowns After First Rain [Videos]

The new Islamabad International Airport was built at a staggering and rather extravagant cost of over Rs 100 billion. Considered as the technological marvel and the most advanced airport in Pakistan by many, the new Airport gave up against its very first round of rains.

Islamabad witnessed pleasant weather after a heavy rain yesterday, however, the airport seemed to be at the losing end of it. Just as the rain caught pace, the airport’s floor started getting flooded with water.

Yeah, you heard that right. Rs 100 billion spent and the airport failed to withstand the impact of an average rainfall. The airport’s ceiling started to leak exposing the Civil Aviation Authority’s poor construction work.

The rainwater accumulated at the briefing area and other places as passengers faced difficulties in getting in and out. The staff at the airport kept drying the floors, however, the efforts were of no use and water kept coming in. The sewerage system at airport is also not fully functional.


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“After the rainwater flooded the operational offices of airlines located at the ramp area of the airport, the wastewater was pumped out but the mud which came in with the water, chocked the pipelines and toilets rendering them unuseable. This has resulted in problems for the staff working at the airport,” a source told ProPakistani.

Many airlines confirmed that floodwater entered their offices and damaged precious equipment including computers, wireless and electronic gadgets.

Rainwater also flooded the runway and parking area of aircraft which was flushed out a few hours after the rain stopped.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is in a state of denial. The Public Relation Officer of CAA, Farah Hussain, denied that any water flooded the airport and claimed that all the videos are fake.

“There is no damage to the roof of the terminal building and no flooding occurred at airlines offices,” Farah Hussain told ProPakistani.

The Airport’s Condition

You can watch the footages of the rain wreaking havoc inside the airport’s building:

Here is another detailed clip where water is seen entering the offices.

Are you satisfied with the construction work at the new Islamabad International Airport?

By: Aitzaz Hassan & Raja Kamran

  • You and all other youthia Pakistanies can never be happy even if they get what they want… What the shame nation we are.. why don’t you see what happened in Peshawar last day??? Due to incomplete metro, the roads are ruined. Why don’t you realize that the airport is “very first of its kind” in Pakistan. So, the issue may be there, but they can sort it out but you youthias always go to the end first like the reham’s book. Sorry for you and your muddy brain

    • Lol. First of its kind. There were supposed to built two runways first of it kind as you said but they were not constructed with enough distance from each other so that two planes can take off and land simultaneously. They are simply incompetent. This is not about any party this is how we are everyone. so take it easy rather than running to KpK.

      • 2 planes can land but not in visually impaired conditions, meaning daylight landings are allowed. Please read up on subject before making claims.

        • 1 thinking to built 4 track highway
          2 logoon, bhayoon hum 4 track ka highway banayeen gey….
          3 final product is off 3 mediumbto small size tracks
          4 hum ne aap kee liyee 3 track ka pehla or jaded highway bana diya hey…….!

          this is what you’re saying in reality.

          on serious note
          ( they meant to built 2 runways for simultaneous use, instead because of the fxxkup they can only use one at a time.
          if you can’t see the problem in that than go ahead… bhutto bhee zinda hey, nawaz Pakistan ka mukhlis hey and mqm, anp and jamat islami are best of the bunch!)

      • Actually the initial plan wasn’t for 2 runways with simultaneous takeoff/landing capabilities, it was only for one runway. The second one was added much later to the plan.
        Don’t believe everything you read on the news.

    • What kind of idiotic comment. You think people should not criticize this gross incompetence?

    • You don’t have to be a PTI or PMLN supporter to indicate the corruption, you just have to be a Pakistani.

    • They would never be happy. They would be happy when PTI would rule with some mixed party. Blasts would take place on regular basis, then they would be in utter bliss. When Karachi would go back to become insurgent city. When Electricity shortage would go back to it’s old state i.e like it was in Zardari era. Then the youthians would rest in peace, finally !

    • Hahahahahaha patwari do you know how much extra money was spent due to corruption in this project

    • Could you please define what’s ‘Very first of its kind’ thing in Islamabad airport?

  • Who cares. This was done by CAA, nothing to do with PML N. I will vote again for PML N. Nawaz Sharif ZIndabad.

  • Corruption is the basic right of every person in Pakistan. In this way Pakistan would bleed till its very last drop when some other country will provide ventilator. While all corrupt mafias of Pakistan would be having a great vacation abroad, local Pakistanis (Youthiya, Patwari, Mohajir and Jiyalas all) would cry for water within next 5 years.

  • So ‘Holy’ FWO showing its colours? Are they not the one who have constructed this junk? And on top of it, morons have the audacity of collecting toll from people going to airport.

    • FWO didn’t construct this Junk Mr. Please don’t malign and drag Pakistan Army into all this. For your information, please check below the excerpt from tribune news online.

      “He said the CAA had invited fresh bids from the same three parties that participated in the bidding process held earlier for the installation of boarding bridges at the New Islamabad International Airport and awarded the contract to M/s ADELTE/HRL which was 232% higher than the original approved price of Rs2.5 billion.”

  • And then the successive governments and FBR wonder why Pakistanis don’t way to pay their taxes. Because it will be spent lavishly on things that will break down due to rampant corruption.

  • Unfortunate that as a nation we have lowered our standards so much so that any incompetency is seen as normal now . Instead of holding the CAA and the builders, and the laborers, and the overseers of this project ACCOUNTABLE we very nicely label this as a one of a kind AIRPORT that was bound to have issues. No not at all ..its not Burj Khalifa…this is a pure instance of shoddy work,and cutting corners, and obviously minting money . Countries like Germany , Holland , and Sweden aren’t where they are today by accepting these pathetic standards. We have along way to go indeed !!

  • Now i know why we are not making any dams, because we store water in our Airports.

  • Ak tou propakistani ny randi rona shuru kiya wa hai new islamabad airport ka chordo jaan tv media hi kafi hai idr blog likhnh sy govt ko farq nahi parny wala

  • These are fake videos….. choti choti faults hoti hi hein…..allah humarey mulk ki tarrukkee mein barkat farmaein, AAMEEN YA RUBB UL IZZATT AAMEEN SUMM AAMEEN

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