Pakistan Citizen Portal Success Continues as 450,000 Complaints Get Resolved

In less than six months, Pakistan Citizen Portal app has received 604,074 complaints. Quite remarkably, 449,025 have already been resolved to date.

The app was launched to bring the upper tier of the government and the masses of the country closer. Statistics point out that people were eager to communicate their issues to the government and wanted immediate redressal.

In just two months since its launch in October 2018, a total of 535,134 individuals signed up for the app. In the same period, the resolved complaints had crossed the 100,000 mark.

Now, individuals registered on this app have crossed 875,000. These registered users include over 80,000 overseas Pakistanis, having increased from 39,946 in December.


Time Wasters Start Filing Fake Complaints at Pakistan Citizen Portal

Apart from the promising user numbers, the portal also received global recognition a few months ago. It was shortlisted for an award at the World Government Summit in Dubai. Moreover, the app got ranked among the seven best apps on Google Play Store for that matter.

While the figures highlight the success of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s initiative, there is a darker side to this as well. Earlier, it had surfaced that people were manipulating this app to take out their grudges against the government officials.

Moreover, many people have complained that their complaints got marked as resolved even though the issue was not solved. The government is already working on the latter issue and has even enforced complainant feedback and approval once an issue is resolved to tackle these flaws.

  • They themselves closed the complaint with out resolving the issue/complaint.
    OUT OF 450,000 of complaint resolved all the feedback on complaint will be negative

    • You are absolutely right. especially Education department Dy. DEO Model Town Mr. Shahid Ali Shah and other Tehsil Dy. DEO’s and DEO(M-EE) Lahore Mr. Shafqat Habib Playing game with the Hi- Authority. they are involved in corruption how they can able to resolve these issue. they are corrupted people that’s why they themselves closed all these complaints with out resolving theses issues and complaints with the help of their AEO’s.

  • These are fake static, Education Department AEO,’s, Dy, Dy.DEO and DEO forwarding fake and wrong answer to against the complaint no one even get out form his office to resolve these issue they just giving written answers to their Hi-Authority that they all the issued resolved . These issues are still as it is. they playing game with the Pakistan Citizen Portal.

  • If these statistics are true, I will be very interested to know success ratio on each province.

  • Nov 2018 Main Pani K Liye Dala tha Aj tak Pending He Hai

    Ye Sare Masle Waha Solve Ho RAHY Jaha PTI Ka Hold Hai
    Sindh Main Kuch Nahi Ho Raha

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  • My sui gas related complaint solved after third complaint. Within registration of third complaint my issue resolved within 3 days. For the previous complaints team were visited to see the issue but after that they never come back to solve the issue. But now issue is properly resolved.

  • Extremely dissatisfied with the app and the process. I launched two complains against HESCO and both were closed by them after providing false statements. The app also does not show any option to provide negative feedback, it only shows the thumbs up option on the closed complain which turns in to positive feedback and also does not allow to launch a new complain without provide positive feedback.

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