Honda Civic Accessory Prices Increase Thanks to 10% FED

Automotive customers are feeling the brunt of 10% Federal Excise Duty (FED) imposed by the government on vehicles with engine capacities exceeding 1,700cc i.e. Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla etc.

Car parts and accessory prices will also increase after a recent price hike for cars in general. The latest accessory affected by this is the navigation feature in the Honda Civic.

Honda Atlas (Pakistan) car dealers received a notification from the manufacturer that there will be a change in prices of navigation and leather products for the Honda Civic due to the FED.  The tax was implemented after the government approved the Finance Supplementary Bill 2019’s second amendment.

The imposition of the FED will see the prices of navigation and leather products for Honda Atlas go from PKR 74,500 and PKR 59,500 to PKR 81,950 and PKR 65,000 respectively. The change in prices will come into effect on 15th April and if customers order them by 13th April, they will be charged the original fee.

Honda Civic Accessory Notification

Hike in Car Prices

Since November 2018 till date, there has been a substantial increase in the prices of cars. Aside from the 10% FED, another reason for the price hike has been the depreciation of the Rupee.

In March 2018, Toyota IMC increased their car prices followed by Honda Atlas, which increased the prices by almost 12% for both, the Honda Civic VTi Prosmatec 1.8 i-VTEC and Honda Civic VTi Oriel Prosmatec 1.8 i-VTEC.

Local cars that had engines with 1700CC and above displacement have also been slapped with the 10% FED by the government and this has led to an increase in price for all Honda Civic variants.

Advisor to the Prime Minister on Commerce, Textile and Industries, Abdul Razak Dawood had stated that the government was planning on reversing this decision and removing the FED on the vehicles with 1700cc engine displacement and more. Though, there has not been any official confirmation when the FED will be removed –for now.

The FED has caused the prices of cars to go up and here are a few examples, the Grande Altis 1.8 MT originally cost PKR 2,689,000 and now it costs PKR 2,957,900. Toyota Fortuner Diesel, before the FED, cost PKR. 6,829,000 and now it costs an eye-watering PKR 7, 511,900.

Since Honda Civic also comes under the same category, it’s sales have also been affected by the FED. Honda has seen a huge drop in sales. Both, Honda Civic and City, have seen sales drop to mid 2014 level, lowest in ages. Since the company is focused on cars with bigger engines, a drop in Honda Civic and City sales has had a disastrous impact on its quarterly figures.

  • Lies. Navigation and leatherite seat add-ons are already figured into the invoice price on which 10% FED is imposed. This is 10% Honda Bhatta + 10% FED now.

  • As far as I know, these are accessories and not included in increased price after 10% FED

  • blekh! just use the Carplay/Android Auto with your phone. Who uses pre-installed navigation these days anyways. baaqi leather ki seats to har chowk pe Jabbar seat maker ki shop hoti hai wahan se 2000 main banwa kar enjoyzz len.. :)

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