Xiaomi Launches Customized SUV With AI Features

Xiaomi had earlier announced a partnership with FAW’s Bestune for a customized T77 SUV for its fans. While there were speculations that it will be launched under the Redmi brand, it is now official that the tailored Bestune T77 comes equipped with Xiaomi’s smart features and will be sold using Xiaomi’s Youpin platform.

After setting the hopes high, it is somewhat of a setback for Xiaomi fans who were expecting an SUV under the Redmi brand and not a customized Bestune T77.

FAW’s sub-brand, Bestune has already rolled out the car in the Chinese market for CNY124,800 ($18,600) to CNY135,800 ($20,000) and it boasts Xiaomi’s virtual assistant. While Bestune T77 was already in the market, the latest version has seen a large number of changes on the inside.

It comes with the Mi AI Speaker and holographic AI assistant called XiaoAI, just like Cortana but with a custom face/avatar. What’s more, the integrated Assistant can also control smart home systems and IoT gadgets from Xiaomi. An audio and visual interaction with the AI Assistant in the Bestune T77 offers a unique experience.

The other specs are:

  • Dimensions: 4525 x 1845 x 1615 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2700 mm
  • Weight: 1455 kg
  • 1.2L Turbocharged Engine
  • 6-speed MT Gearbox
  • Maximum Horsepower: 143Ps
  • Maximum Power: 105kW
  • Maximum Torque: 204Nm

The car is available for sale at Xiaomi’s online shopping platform, Youpin. For now, it is being sold in China only.

At the release even in Beijing, Liu Changqing, the General Manager of FAW, said he is looking forward to closer cooperation between Bestune and Xiaomi for more cars.

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      • That’s not true. Xiaomi is doing it for money. Abdul Wahab is addicted to running his mouth everywhere, even when he doesn’t know anything about a topic.

    • A mobile maker? You do know Xiaomi is making (with partners) allot more than that, right? :S

  • Compliment Liu Changqing GM FAW Bestune/ Xiaomi for exciting news of roll out in Chinese market. In the fiercely competitive Chinese market ratings of SAE, API, OICA is a welcome sign for Pakistan market particularly the Alzheimer Disease/Mental Health patients for which Uber San Francisco, respective licensing/regulatory authorities are in contact. Suggest as the launch is welcome sign for global acceptance particularly the US where most trails are done, still continues. Pakistan automobile integration sector possible support for the cause of enabling the Disabled drivers when this product is tested in Karachi buisy roads with AI.

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