Drivers Protest as Uber Shifts Cultus to Mini Category in Pakistan

Thousands of Uber drivers are furious with Uber after the company downgraded Suzuki Cultus from the Go category to Mini category. Only the 2017 model is exempt from this decision.

The drivers claim that this has lowered their earnings. The downgrading was conveyed to the drivers via a message last week.

Lower Earnings

A 61-year-old driver, Muhammad Ismail, said that over the last 14 months he has completed over 3,000 rides. “I made decent money however, since last week I have seen my earnings drop.”

“I was making Rs. 1,600 even on slow days but now the maximum I am making is Rs. 900.”

“The minimum distance I have to cover before I get a Mini ride is at least 5-6 km while on Go, I usually had rides within a radius of 3 km, which means more fuel consumption,” he said, calling Uber’s new policy “unjustified”.

He says that he visited Uber’s office but the company paid no heed to him.

Uber’s Stance

On the other end, Uber’s spokesperson said they were catering to their customer base and after customer feedback, they decided to enlarge the Mini product to better meet the needs of the customers. Although he didn’t share the details for the downgrade, he did add that only a ‘few vehicle types have been shifted to Mini on the basis of what the riders value most in which product.’

Interestingly, Cultus is still listed in Go category on Uber’s website and the website further states that models to be eligible in this category should be air-conditioned sedans of 2001 model onwards.

Students Suffer

It is the students that are facing the brunt of this policy change as they drive Uber to earn for their family whilst studying. The company has refused to confirm the number of cars it has working for it but according to a media report, over 10,000 models of Cultus are registered with Uber across Pakistan with over 3,000 in Karachi alone.

Via: Dawn

  • uber agreed with pak suzuki and only promoting 660cc for Go category., because pak suzuki is launching alto 660cc in june 2019۔ uber decision is a big deal with the pak suzuki as cultus 2017 onward models have not been soled in huge numbers as compared to japanese imported 660cc cars. uber and pak suzuki have no concern with peoples. hundred of thousand have been paid to uber to take such ugly decision. it is better to ban manufacturing suzuki in Pakistan as no model is better as compared to other manufacturers or japenese brands.

    • Agree with “ban Suzuki in Pakistan “
      But do u have concrete news for the deal between Suzuki and Uber.? If yes where can we check?

  • dekhain, ma jab b uber pe “Go” order kro to majority cultus hi milti thi. bohat ziyada cultus drivers to apni gari b saaf nahi rakhty aur uper se 5 star ka rona roo rahy hoty hain. acha kia hai in ko go mini ma shift kia.

    • agreed bro. ksi ki kamayi kam hote dekh afsos toh horaha lekin apki baat blkul theek hai.. boht kum achi choti gari waly milty hain.. aur ab toh summer season me ac wali hi chahiye hoti hai gari wese bhi.

  • Agreed, no standard maintained for this service here. Always say “AC kharab hay”. Dirtiest cars with stinking drivers.

  • For the past 10+ days, I am continuously seeing RIDICULOUS peak factor on Uber Mini. Don’t know why the Uber Mini guys are crying :/

  • wise decision, uber main har bar thaki hui cultus hi aati hai aur ac chalanay ka bolo tu rona shuro kartey hain. acha hua ab kam se kam ac chalae bagair ac ke paise tu charge nahi karainge yeh cultus waley. Aur rahi baat mini ki tu most of the times mini main go se ziyada hi rate araha hota hai phir kis baat ka rona hai?

  • Wesy this cultus came with a 3rd class AC, itna full krlo na cooking hoti hai na hi AC ka fayeda, so cultus technically should be in mini category from the start, or Pakistan main customer service to kisi cheez ko nahi kehty na to bas 5 star maango lekin car Gandi and smelling le ao, mazay hain bhae phr rozi ka Rona roty Raho, ajeeb hain Kaaba krna nahi lekin pesy ghr bethy mil Jayen..

  • So what even? They have made enough money; so they can upgrade to new cars for a good level. There is nothing to cry, that they get low earnings now. Upgrade to the better car, and get better income.

  • It is justified decision and great move by Uber, the cults should be in mini and old model must be discard from mini category too. The strict compliance of Cars & drivers high standard are two major factors achieve more revenues.

  • Cultus is good car. And its car not riksha and in uber they categorize cultus car as riksha. Why do they care they are making 25% on each ride. Even offline riksha drivers are charging minimum 100rs for next stop. And in uber you pay 50 to 60 rs for sitting in car and going to your next stop. Drivers should stop driving in uber because you are not getting a 1ltr petrol price.

  • Whoever is saying it’s a right decision they should put themselves into a position of the drivers who is doing this job full time to run their family,calling them stinking drivers and that they cry for 5 stars demand is pathetic, people in Pakistan only want facilities without paying any bucks,it’s disgusting the people who r not supporting Uber drivers,hope they don’t have to do it as a full time job to survive and run a family in a country which is not cheap at all in any ways expect the people living in it but not all are same, welcome to NAYA PAKISTAN

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