Civil Court Lahore Issues Arrest Warrants for PIA CEO & Three Top Officers

Civil Court Lahore has issued bailable arrest warrants for Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) CEO Air Marshall Arshad Malik. Civil Judge Muhammad Akram Azad also issued warrants for three other PIA officers along with CEO for contempt of court after they failed to submit a compliance report after the court’s verdict given in January.

The three officers are Director Flight Operations, Chief Pilot and Chief Human Resource Officer of PIA.

PIA sacked a Captain a few months ago and the pilot decided to challenge the decision in court. The pilot and his lawyer were of the opinion that the dismissal of service was carried out illegally on baseless charges in January.

The court reinstated the pilot and ordered PIA to submit a compliance report. Failing to do that the court had to initiate the contempt of court proceedings against top officials of PIA. When the PIA officers didn’t appear for the contempt hearing, the court then issued bailable arrest warrants for them.

Court has ordered police to arrest the officers and bring them to court on 24th April 2019.

In the past, PIA has suspended its pilots and cabin crew for unprofessional behavior and having fake degrees.

Via: Dawn

  • Who authorized bloody civilians to summon the holy people like air marshals and others of his ilk? This judge must be tried in military courts for contempt of non civilians.

    • Maybe the judge should be burned alive like in case of Hazrat Ibrahim [AS] with Nimrod? Then Allah the Almighty [SWT] can order the fire to be cool for the judge Insyallah.

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