PCB Board Rejects New MD and Proposed Domestic Structure

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Board of Governors (BoG) has rejected the appointment of Managing Director Wasim Khan and the proposed new domestic cricket structure.

As per official sources, five of the seven members of the BoG rejected MD’s appointment and boycotted the agenda of the meeting which included a reform proposal in the domestic cricket structure of the country.

According to the internal sources, the said members sternly rejected the new proposal and said that they wouldn’t allow any tweaks with the departmental cricket.

The source said things went out of hand during the meeting when five out of seven members of the board walked out after passing a resolution against MD PCB.

It added:

Only chairman PCB, Ehsan Mani, and Asad Ali – both PM Imran Khan’s nominees – were left in the room.

The resolution reportedly had the signatures of Shahraiz Rokri(Lahore), Noman Butt(Sialkot), Shah Dost (Quetta), Kabir Khan (FATA) and Ataz Butt (KRL).

The PCB spokesperson remains out of touch for an official statement on the issue.

It is a developing story and will be updated accordingly.

  • the new MD deserves the post, he done wonders for Leicestershire cricket club and has basically relocated to Pakistan for this job. He was going to be big for ECB but chose PCB. Our BoG’s are spineless. sack them all instead.

  • They are corrupt, they won’t like if u make a system which will grow itself and turns them upside down, that one response to that, but I myself don’t know much about Ehsan mani and WASEEM and therefore their intentions are yet to be seen..

  • All the 5 members who left the room without further details they shows how our system is hijacked by these corrupted people who never ever doing better for the good system and continuously frogery with the system, in sports members also shows sportsman sprit.

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