Tuition Highway – Changing the Tuition Scene in Pakistan

Are you an O/A-Level student who needs help from expert tutors to score good grades? That too without the additional hassle of traveling to and from tuition centers after a long day at school?

Or are you a parent who is looking for one of the most cost-effective, flexible and top-notch learning options that you can provide for your child that fully take advantage of technology?

If you said yes to either of the above questions, then Tuition Highway is your answer.

Tuition Highway is Pakistan’s first online tuition service for O&A-levels with qualified British tutors. The classes are held online in a state-of-art virtual classroom with recordings available for revision. This means no commute to coaching and no more trial and error with unqualified tutors.

Why Go for An Online Tuition Service?

Today’s students are under a lot of pressure to deliver academically. A lot of them need to take up extra tuition classes after school hours to score good grades in exams. More often than not, this has a negative effect as students feel overwhelmed by the pressure and tough routine.

The issue with normal tuition services is that after a long day at school, a student has to commute to and from a tuition center, which is not only time-consuming in most cases but also results in undue fatigue for them.

Technology is revolutionizing every facet of life, and education is no different. Online education is picking up globally at every level and this is where online education startups such as Tuition Highway comes in to help you.

Tuition Highway prides itself on introducing experienced and qualified British tutors to local students, who can help them prepare for better grades and challenges of advanced studies. All Tuition Highway faculty holds Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) required in the UK to teach in schools.

It provides a world-class educational experience which includes a faculty of foreign-trained and qualified teachers. That too from the comfort of your home. You only need a PC or laptop and an internet connection!

Here is why Tuition Highway is the perfect companion for O/A-Level students:

International Quality Teaching From the Comfort of Your Home

It’s no secret that Pakistan’s education system is far from ideal. Everybody wants to study with quality teachers but then there is a limit to how many can be accommodated in a classroom. Furthermore, many students need to travel around and sometimes tutor qualification is also not up to the mark.

With Tuition Highway, students no longer have to be confined by their geography and can learn from the very best teachers who employ the latest techniques to ensure success in O&A-levels exams.

Mariam, who founded Tuition Highway, outlines the reasons why foreign teachers can work in the Pakistani students’ favor:

After school tuition is fast becoming a need rather than a good to have help. In circumstances where your O/A-level grades play vital role in defining your career path, every mark count and tuition become vital. This is where we come in. We offer online tuition with the best UK based teachers who can help you build your concepts as well as prepare for your exams. Thanks to technology, live classroom environment is now possible and even better than physical classroom in many cases. We have a strong quality assurance team comprising of seasoned British teachers to ensure we maintain highest standards of teaching at all times.

Engaging Lectures That Can Be Revisited at Any Time

If parents are worried about the viability of online lectures for tutoring, Mariam assures them that state-of-the-art software tools they use, have options like attention indicator to monitor students attention, raise hand options, polls, quiz, whiteboard and Q&A among other options.

They have a live class first, with students and teachers exchanging questions back and forth as they do so. All past lectures can then be replayed again and again in case the student needs to revisit for revision.

Here are some of the benefits of the system that Tuition Highway’s online learning solution offers you:

  • Up to date quizzes and polls for students for the course they are taking. This is helpful to track their progress.
  • Ability to revisit past lectures and play them back again, helping students grasp their academic concepts at their own leisure. Teachers can also respond to students on email.
  • Allows asking follow-up questions from their teachers. That way every student gets individual attention from the instructors.
  • Attentive and curious students can also benefit as a result. In fact, the software also tracks if any student is being inattentive.
  • The benefit of foreign faculty of teachers? Students can pick up on their teaching methods and language pretty quick, helping them be better prepared for the world in the future.

Reasonable Price and Package for Parents & Students

World-class teachers and courses at just Rs 7,000 per session.

The fee per subject is very nominal for Pakistani households, especially when you factor in international quality teachers and learning methods. Furthermore, parents can enjoy peace of mind as they save on commuting and time, and happier students who can absorb these lectures with minimal hassle. All they need is a compatible PC and web browser with mic and headphones to start online tuition.

The course fee covers lectures, follow up question and answers sessions, and more in one convenient price.

Tuition Highway is even offering an introductory promotion for early registrations, with 25% off the asking price. Customers can register for their courses through Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Jazz Cash, Telenor Easypaisa and even bank transfer in a secure manner.

Want to Take the Plunge? You Can Start Today

Online education startups like Tuition Highway are hoping to become the driving force behind the popularity of online education. More and more foreign universities are also waking up to the benefits of teaching their students online and are thus heavily investing in it as well.

The scope of online learning solutions is huge. And this is due to how conveniently knowledge can be dispersed across thousands of miles within minutes.

New to the world of online learning? Fret no more as Tuition Highway has sweetened the deal for skeptical parents and students. You can try out a free trial session with their internationally recognized facility and up-to-date curriculum.

Furthermore, Tuition Highway assures students that the teachers are retained with proper contracts so that the student’s academic needs are better served.

As for what application is used for these online virtual classrooms, Tuition Highway employs the same software that major international companies use for secure and hassle-free remote video conferencing.

You can check out Tuition Highway today here.

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