New Ad from Shows Why It’s The Right Way to Buy Property in Pakistan made waves when it announced Fawad Khan as its brand ambassador. The real estate website’s first ad was a breakout success, getting millions of views and was appreciated for the unique way it presented its message.

Now, the company has launched its third ad with the acclaimed actor and it’s much different in tone to the first two. While the first ads tugged on the heartstrings of customers, the latest ad goes down a more informative road. Perhaps feels confident about the brand association they’ve created with their previous ad campaigns.

There is a natural progression to the way has approached their ad campaigns and now it seems that audiences are being moved along the company’s marketing and sales funnel.

It bears mentioning that the production is full of quality and high-end animated content which was all done in Pakistan. In fact, the architectural animations were done by Zameen’s very own in-house team. There is an aesthetic finesse to the ad and the way the building design, site images, and graphs spring up at the causal signaling of Fawad.

The commercial has been perfectly timed at 1 minute and 20 seconds and shows the narrator (Fawad Khan) against the backdrop of relevant site imagery, voicing a simple exposition on the various’s user-end operations. He starts off with the central service concerns, in his own words ‘makaan, dukaan, flat; ya plot kee hai talaash…’ for rent or sale can easily be found on Zameen’s website and apps.

It is followed by the company’s offered client solutions: customers can buy, sell or rent property from the comfort of their homes. All they have to do is create a corresponding entry on the site through a simple process for both private and commercial property.

The commercial also shows the audience how they can use the search bar to filter and narrow the property listing by using options like Location (City), Price and Area to streamline the search.

Zameen also has a few nifty additional search result features like photo and video snippets that showcase the property in even more detail and there is a handy filter that allows you to see if your chosen listing is in the vicinity of major city landmarks and residential and public facilities.

Your chosen listing will also have its area and price trends marked next to it, ranked in terms of popularity by the company’s in-built algorithm. Home financing options can also be availed on property pages.

All these features are on a single page and are shown side-by-side, making the process easy and intuitive for users. Interested in something you find on Zameen? Simply place a call to the listing agent (ad publisher) or send an email.

With its latest ad, Zameen is driving home the point that ‘In the world of property, Zameen is with you in every moment/at every step of the way’ or as the ad says, ‘Har Pata Humain Pata Hai’.

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