Daraz Seller Story: How E-commerce is Helping Create Jobs Around the Country

At just 16 years old, Zaid Asghar is an inspiration to all budding entrepreneurs in the country.

Zaid runs his own shop on the online shopping platform Daraz where he deals in mobile accessories and similar products. From the developing city of Gujranwala, Zaid is the perfect example of what entrepreneurial spirit is: smart, dedicated and willing to take risks.

Zaid’s story is not without its fair share of ups and downs. When he was younger, his father passed away, leaving Zaid’s household without a breadwinner for the family. He always knew he would have to step up, aware of the duty that was soon to rest on his shoulders.

Zaid’s shop on Daraz was his own idea: after having researched a fair bit, he came to the conclusion that the best way to start earning with minimal investment was an online business. Zaid went to the nearby city of Lahore to get the best quality products and still makes that journey with his friends whenever he needs to buy stock for his business.

Now, Zaid makes enough from his business to cover his expenses including college fees and household expenses. Like other 16-year-olds, Zaid’s focus is on his education. He aspires to get into the University of Engineering & Technology, a top-tier institution in the region.

Zaid is proof that life becomes what you make of it. Zaid’s determination to succeed, his focus on his education and his acknowledgment of his responsibility have all helped him develop into a strong and resilient teenager, experienced far beyond his years.

  • Great inspiration for us all.

    So China’s Alibaba is helping Pakistan after all. Daraz before acquisition last year was a disaster just like those other outfits that now also seem improving !

    It will be nice to read more comments about what readers’ experience about Daraz now and then.

  • Daraz customer support is the worst I have ever experienced. Whether you escalate the complaint to their management or interact with CS team, they do not bother to resolve the issue.

    • When success is at your doorstep then no one cares to respond to the fulfiled sales whether the customer is satisfied or not. This is basically the concept in these online stores. However, it is good for specific items which are not in demand or in vogue.

      • My point is: Has Daraz.pk improved in price and delivery over the past 6-8 months?
        Is daraz.pk better than others, i.e., least bad?😈

        • Daraz is worst in After Sales. In case you need to return the defective product, they take 20 to 25 days and that also if you are lucky.

              • But can you first pay, then check, and if not satisfied, just return the package to the same postman?
                Does Daraz use Pak Postal Service, or other?

  • Worst Online Store… They sale defective items at the price of new one. Pathetic after sales service/customer support.

    Worst experience with them

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