PIA is Now Offering Special Seats With More Legroom

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is now offering luxurious seats with extra legroom for a minor addition in fares. This was announced by the national flag career in a Facebook post on Monday evening.

“Sit back, relax, stretch your legs & enjoy the extra legroom in our bulkhead seats by paying a nominal fee,” the post said.

The cost of the seat may vary depending on the location you are traveling to. You can avail this luxurious seating by paying just Rs. 5,000 if you are going to the US, Rs. 3,000 for London and Europe, Rs. 2,000 for Gulf countries and Rs. 1,000 for traveling anywhere in Pakistan.

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This facility can be availed from the PIA Booking Offices for now. However, the airline will soon introduce booking of the bulkhead seats on its web portal as well.

The national airline announced that the said facility was available for all cabin classes such as Economy, Executive Economy and Business Class.

The state-owned airline is striving hard under the new leadership to bring PIA back among the top international airlines.

Their honest efforts to implement the recently approved, well-thought five-year plan has started to yield results as PIA reached the break-even point in operational costs for the first time in several years.

  • When you have a right person for right job,i:e honest,sincere,hard working and a team player surely you see the results like this.

  • A good idea as those seats will not be given to relatives and friends. Most of the other airlines sell those seats including Air Canada.

  • It’s gonna take a lot to get pia back upto scratch, it is the worst air travel service. The staff are rude, planes are totally run down and there’s no rules either passengers seem to do what they like and staff let them get away with it.

  • All Airlines charge a little extra for these seats. Good move until now these were being given to favourites.

  • 1st of all try to fix major issues rather than giving us extra room for our legs.
    PK785 Or PK786 don’t have any entertainment facility for grown up or kids.A person who is paying so much money to travel by Pia what they get is really hard to describe in words.I would request PM of Pakistan to take an action against those who are responsible for making Pia one of the worst airlines in this modern world.During 8hrs 30 min flight to London sorry to say the food is horrible and plus there is no entertainment facility.The screens attached to every passenger seat are just for a display.It looks to me its a dummy screen, it can be handy for ladies if they want to do a makeup.The seats are not comfortable in Economy class.The staff is friendly but the services PIa provide to there customers are sorry to say 3rd class.
    I hope some one address these issues to PM of Pakistan so atleast there should be a change coming in Pia department as well.

  • The bulk head seats can be sold but should be primarily assigned to families travelling with infants – not to make money. I just travelled a 13 hr flight with an infant in my lap while all the bulk head seats had been randomly assigned to Pia family members or friends. Worst service from the worst airline in the world. Will never travel PIA again and will not recommend them to anyone.

  • PIA Is not in any state to compete with other international carriers.
    Firstly improve the service and then compete.
    On a recent flight khi-lhr aircon/ventilation wasn’t working and caused serious difficulties to many passengers.
    Not great people to fly with

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