Aircraft Slips While Landing at Peshawar Airport

While Pakistani airports are often in the news for sub-standard facilities, the aviation authorities are almost always found wanting for not devising means to overcome such issues and shortcomings.

There have been quite a few incidents which have raised questions over the performance of the civil aviation authority and other relevant stakeholders. This time around, Peshawar Airport is under the pump following an incident which could have resulted in the loss of life and assets.

A private airline’s plane slipped at Peshawar Airport’s runway on Tuesday, reported a local news agency. The Peshawar-bound flight from Sharjah ran into an accident when it couldn’t land properly and slipped from the runway. However, no loss of life was reported as CAA officials safely offloaded all 150 passengers from the plane.

The airport was closed for all flights following the incident. However, routine flights have resumed after some repair work.

Via Express

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  • Sharjah to Peshawar (2hr 55 Min)
    Sharjah to Karachi (2hr 0 Min)

    Why Peshawar Jab K Karachi NAZDEEK tha ?

  • What sort of rubbish is this. Why are we blaming the authorities for a plane slipping from the Runway. this is a pilot error or aircraft malfunction.

    What proof have you included to justify that CAA should be blamed.

  • Assalaam-O-Alaikum.
    Pakistan’s Civil Aviation is the most irresponsible Authority who have no care for the people.Everyday we hear or learn about the negligence of CAA. The staff seems to be untrained according to the International Standards. Unless examplary punishment is given to the persons of the department concerned I think situation will not improve.It is only ALLAH ( SWT ) who saves us from serious accidents.

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