There’s No Loadshedding on 80% of the Feeders: Omar Ayub

Minister for Power, Omar Ayub, told the National Assembly (NA) that out of 8,610 feeders, load-shedding is being carried out on 2,000 feeders, due to high line losses in the respective areas.

Fazal Muhammad Khan moved a calling attention notice on load-shedding in the country on Tuesday, responding to which, the minister informed that 80% of the country’s feeders are not experiencing any power cuts.

He further added that the incumbent government’s efforts have reduced line losses by 2.4 by checking power theft in a country-wide campaign. Around 27,000 people have been booked while 4,400 out of these have been sent behind bars for power theft.

More than 450 Wapda officials have been removed from their positions following their involvement in power theft, he told the NA.

To further check the power pilferage, aerial bundled cable (ABC) is being installed throughout the country at a cost of Rs 2.5 billion. The upgrades are aimed at improving the power transmission system and eliminating the ‘Kunda culture’.

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