Here’s How Daraz is Protecting Citizens From Heat

Daraz is one of the largest online marketplaces in South Asia. It has enabled tens of thousands of sellers to connect them with millions of customers in the region. The organization has helped boost the ease of doing business by allowing customers to purchase goods at the tip of their of fingers and have them delivered within days and at the other end, it has helped boost small scale enterprises.

To better cater to the demands of its customers, it has even designed and executed its own logistics company –Daraz Express (DEX) and inadvertently helped raise the standards of logistics industry in the region. Apart from its e-commerce operations through which it has helped people achieve financial empowerment; it has identified other areas of the society where it can use its considerable power for good.     

Over the past few years, summers have become hotters in Pakistan and numerous heat-waves across Pakistan have killed hundreds of people and even more have succumbed to illness. The rising temperatures and heat-waves don’t look to stop anytime soon and Daraz has come up with an ingenious way to do its part in protecting the people.

Termed the Umbrella activity, Daz, Daraz’s Mascot is out on the streets providing shade to hardworking people. The company has places 50 umbrellas in the metropolitan areas of Karachi and Lahore. These umbrellas will help provide protection against the burning sun to all those hardworking people who have to earn their bread and butter by staying outdoors. Even weary pedestrians can get a sigh of cool air under the shade of Daz’s Daraz Umbrellas.

To help raise awareness for climate change and the heat-wave, you can “Stop by and say Hello to Daz!”, as Daz will have a QR code that, once scanned, will award you with a Daraz voucher which can be redeemed with the Daraz App to purchase goods.

You can tweet about it by using the hashtag #DarazSummer and let everyone know about the good that Daraz is doing in the hot metropolitans of Pakistan.

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