PTA to Take Action Against Telcos if Tariffs Are Increased Without Proper Procedure

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) will issue show-cause notices to mobile companies if tariffs are increased without following a laid-down mechanism, said chairman PTA Major Gen. (Retd) Amir Azeem Bajwa.

While briefing the Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication, which met with Rubina Khalid in the chair, Bajwa said that tariffs are being increased through a proper mechanism and discussions and that recently no tariffs have been increased.

He further said that consumer gets air time of Rs 60 on a card of Rs 100. He assured the committee that show-cause notices would be issued to mobile operators if any of them have increased tariffs and violated the mechanism.

The committee observed that there was news that mobile companies have raised tariffs compared to the previous prices after the restoration of taxes by the Supreme Court. Screenshots of PTA website indicating tariff increases are being shown on social media.

The committee also observed that thousands of mobile phones are being smuggled with same IMEI numbers.

Rubina Khalid said that there are factories of rumors which need to be eliminated, as many rumors surfaced about polio campaign as well.

The committee also reviewed the import duty on mobile phones. The committee was informed that it relates to the Federal Board of Revenue. Thousands of mobile phones are being smuggled through same IMEI numbers. The committee sought written response on the matter from concerned authorities in the next meeting.

The Ministry also briefed the committee on Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) projects for the next fiscal year 2019-20, while saying that a total of 23 schemes are proposed out of which 8 are ongoing schemes and 15 are new schemes.

A total demand of Rs 16,475 million has been made against these schemes with Rs 9,814 million for new schemes and Rs 6,661 million for ongoing schemes.

    • Oh the current amount of tax was imposed by your Patwari sarkar. Learn something before commenting moron

      • Har kaam patwari sarkar nay kia huwa he. qarzey onho nay liay, tax onho nay lagaya, jo bhee kiya patwari sarkar nay kiya.
        to aap kiyo aaey, hakomat bhee on ko he detay na bhai.
        Aap apny kaam batao.

  • Lanat hai asi hukomat par har cheez par Tex ab Jo bathroom Jaya ga is sa be Tex langa ya loge lanat lanat lanat is hukomat par

    • Oh the current amount of tax was imposed by your Patwari sarkar. Learn something before commenting moron

  • PTA Never asked to GSM Company to show exactly Cost the Each Package & tax collection details :
    Before & After Court Order Price of Each Package ?
    Increase Howa to Kis Law k Tehat ?
    5 Saalo Main Kun Si Package SASTI Howi ?

    Where is data ? Whom to check it

  • Dear Wahab according to you captan. Yeh tax Nawaz aur Zardari k jeeb mei jata tha ab kis ki jaib mei jata hoo ga?
    1st apny kaptaan k byanat ko b zehan mei rakha karoo. K us ne kia bola hua hai phr comment ka jawab dia karo..

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  • Mobile company ka jadeed andaz aawam ko lootney ka. supreme court ney kon sa aawam kay sir per patkay bandh diye, balke aawam kay patkay dhoor kiye hain. loot mar kay iss hamam mein sab nangay hain. koi kis andaz se loot raha hai, koi kis andaz se loot raha hai. inn ka pet tuo Qaber ki matti bheray gee. ab aawam ko chahiye ke mobile ki company ka social boycott ker dein.
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    ALLAH inn ka berra gharq keray.

  • PTA is baffled on everything. They keep sleeping until water rises above the head. Operators will bribe them n they will keep sleeping or going slow on this tariff matter too.
    I don’t think they have even started blocking IMEI of unregistered sets yet whether custom duty is paid or not.

  • Supreme Court k tax khatam karny k baad mobile companies ny tax or bara diyay ha imran Khan ki hukumat totally fail ho gae ha.aam admi ka jeena mushkil hogia ha.

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