PM Rejects OGRA’s Recommendation to Increase Petroleum Prices by Rs. 14

Dr. Firdaus Ashiq Awan, Special Advisor to Prime Minister for Information and Broadcasting, has informed the media in a press conference that the PM has rejected Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority’s (OGRA) recommendation to increase the prices of petroleum products. The decision was taken after a federal cabinet meeting.

According to sources, OGRA had proposed a price hike of Rs. 14.37 in the price of petrol starting from 1st May and a summary in this regard had been sent to the petroleum division.

In the summary, OGRA had proposed that diesel prices be increased by Rs. 4.89, Kerosene oil by Rs. 7.46 and Light Diesel by Rs. 6.40 per liter respectively. This proposal was put in front of the federal cabinet meeting and the PM has rejected the hike.

The price hike was suggested after the increase in the international price of Crude oil after the US placed sanctions on Iran and forced the rise in prices. As Pakistan is a predominantly oil importing country, rising international prices will dent the struggling Pakistani economy. Prime Minister has already asked the ECC to look at the petroleum product price trend in this regard to help the country navigate through this tense situation.

During the cabinet meeting, it was decided that the government would audit the ever-growing circular debt which has now crossed the Rs. 1300 billion mark and shows no sign of abating.

  • it’s not rejected but forwarded to ECC so the blame can be divided among many.

    he did not reject that there will be no increase. just delayed it

  • This govt has no idea what they have to do, they don’t have any sort of preparation nor they have any ability, they always create uncertainty due to lack of timely decisions

    • U Have sent Post Directly to BaniGala (ImranKhan House) for advising How to Run Government.

  • All the media and social news sites report one thing while ProPK is reporting totally opposite. Please have some one to proof check your articles. Also now run a story that the Oil prices have indeed increased and how it will affect common man in our country. Please take a neutral and unbiased reporting approch ProPK. Thanks and Regards!

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