Game Changer: 5 Shocking Revelations in Shahid Afridi’s Biography

Star all-rounder, Shahid Afridi’s biography – Game Changer – has finally hit the market and it has made some shocking revelations.

Let’s have a look at some of the highlights of his book.

Javed Miandad

The biggest of them all is his jab at former captain Javed Miandad. Afridi called Miandad a legend but a ‘small man’, and that he hated his batting style. After scoring a test century in India, he was asked to praise Miandad at the presentation ceremony, Afridi claims.

He wasn’t allowed to practice with the team ahead of the match in Chennai as Miandad wanted to field Asif Mujtaba.

Shoaib Malik & Waqar Younis

Boom Boom also termed Shoaib Malik unfit for captaincy. The then coach, Waqar Younis lobbied against him to make Malik the captain, says Game Changer.

Regarding the 2003 World Cup campaign, Afridi said that Waqar Younis was a terrible captain and that he was responsible for the nightmarish campaign as he couldn’t hold the team together. At that time, most of the team players wanted Wasim Akram to be the captain and there was too much politics involved.

Chairman of the PCB, Lt Gen. Tauqir Zia, sided with Waqar and made him the captain, however, the team didn’t perform well despite being a good side on paper.


The former captain revealed that he was 19 years old when he debuted for Pakistan, however, his documented age was 16.

I was just nineteen, and not sixteen like they claim. I was born in 1975. So, yes, the authorities stated my age incorrectly.

Aamer Sohail

Talking about Aamer Sohail, who was the captain when Afridi made his debut, he said something shocking on the field in his first innings when he scored a few boundaries early in the innings.

I know you’ve fixed this match with Wasim Akram. I know what you’re up to, Afridi.

After the match, Aamer talked to him again, saying:

Stay on my side. Join me. I will connect you with the right people. I can help you run Pakistan cricket.

Spot-Fixing Saga

Coming to the spot-fixing scandal in 2010, Afridi revealed that he already knew that it was going to happen. Despite informing the Manager Yawar Saeed, no action was taken. Team management was either non-serious or worried and this prompted him to give up the captaincy. Salman Butt was appointed in his place.

Excerpts taken from Game Changer.

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    • Tou khareed lou na English mein. Issi bahanay tumhari English bhi theek hojae gi aur boht se logon ka bhala bhi.
      Har waqt routay he rehna. Khareed lo, zaroori nahi k har cheez pirated he li jae.

    • Writter? Writter?! Really?

      RIP Wahab’s angrezi and his senses, as always.

    • It isn’t aimed at Pakistanis since barely anyone reads here and besides there is no intellectual property rights protection here so the book will be pirated very soon. This is aimed at the infidels you hate to much. They have more money and IPR protection.

  • After ball tampering it is “age tampering.” What a shame that we have a lier for a National cricketing hero. Afridi should have come forward with the correct number at the time his age error happened or did he get his inspiration from #metoo to reveal the truth.

    • If he had revealed it back then he would have been out of the team for embarrassing the powers that be. That was his debut after all. No one would have stuck up for the new guy with zero reputation.

  • 100% yaqeen kr lo afridi ki har baat pe. Kyu ke ye kitab uss ne wajahat s. khan, the anchor, ki madad se likhi hai.
    Samajh tow gaye ho ge… ; )

  • Irresponsible from Afridi, this would disrepute the Pakistan cricket. Why would he mention such stuff, even if it happened. There are lot of areas on which he could have written such as his entry into cricket and his top innings etc. Afridi is usually creates drama

  • During his whole career..he hit back on those people who always talked about his poor performances…why did he never speaks at that time..was his make up with Miadad was just hypocrisy on TV…why are you touching and speaking on those matters..whis are sensitive..and now team is in England for worldcup campaign..and you are talking about politics in dressing room..talking about a person who is still in the team now..irresponsible..Childish person I have ever seen

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