PIA Receives Backlash for Offering ‘Elite’ Breakfast [Social Media Reactions]

For once, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) tried to do something out of the box but things did not end well yet again. The national flag carrier is trying hard to bring back its glory. In lieu of that, it has recently tried to glamorize its in-flight breakfast menu but has failed badly. 

While introducing sausages, beans, and a cheese omelet, the airline promised to serve “a taste of home”.

But the USP did not go well with many people, and they have a point. Since when has a Pakistani household started serving sausages and beans in breakfast? Our breakfast is not complete without anda paratha.

The national flag carrier posted online, “Just when you start missing it, we serve you a taste of home! A dash of salt and a little bit of pepper, we tantalise your taste buds with our delicious meal to welcome the glorious morning.”

After that, the Twitterattis jumped in and schooled the national airline on what Pakistanis really eat.

This one posted an image of paratha and a fried egg to show how wrong the national airline was.

Though some did admit that they liked the PIA breakfast :

Everybody is asking the same question,

PIA spokesperson Mashood Tajwar said, “You see, we not only serve a local breakfast….but also a continental breakfast on our flights to give our passengers as much variety as possible”. He added that several passengers did not like a heavy local meal first thing in the morning.

  • Ande Wala Burger should be added ” Please follows PAKISANI Culture Foods Firstly”

    • On behalf of all the readers of Propakistani we implore you to stop making idiotic comments on every single post you can possibly find here. If you have nothing of substance to say keep your trap shut.


      A Propakistani reader

  • Since when anda paratha became typical pak breakfast? It is more liked by pak urdu speaking community and in India.
    In Pak, the breakfast items’ use and liking vary from region to region, it’s not limited to anda paratha.

  • Pakistanis will find something negative to spew on almost everything that has to do with PIA. Its a marketing strategy.. PIA serves Pakistanis all over the world. The people that cook are Pakistani. Not everyone likes nihari.. paye or halwa puri in the morning.. especially not on a long flight when you’re half asleep.

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