Saudi Arabia Opens New ‘Green Card’ Residency That Doesn’t Require a Kafeel

Entrepreneurs and capital investors are in for good news as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced a special Green Card residency scheme where an expatriate no longer requires a Saudi employer or sponsor (Kafeel).

The step has been taken to attract more skilled expatriates and capital funds owners as Saudi Arabia’s Shoura Council approved the new system on Wednesday.

To be eligible for the program, the expatriates need to have no criminal record, valid passport, health report, and a credit report. There are two categories that require a specific fee, including a temporary Iqama and an extended Iqama.

The new system comes with a host of benefits for the Iqama holders:

  • Use of designated queues at airports
  • Freedom of movement and exit from the Kingdom and return
  • Employment in the private sector, commerce, and industry
  • Ownership of property and transport
  • Ability to recruit workers

The new system replaces the decades-old Kafala system where the residents needed to have a sponsor or an employer known as ‘kafeel’ during the contract period.

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    • Really then where u would like to live in US, Canada or Europe to put away your Islamic values.

      People like u r are so unlucky to not have desire to live in holy land of our father Ibrahim Ahle salaam and RasulAllah salahu alaihe wasalam and Sahaba RadiAllahu ajmaeen.

      May Allah guide us to love what our Salaf loved. Ameen

  • What’s the requirement for this new Mumeeza Iqama (Saudi Green Card)? I want to live in Madina Sharif.

  • Please how much cost need for this Saudi green card. We want to live this holy place for business.

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