PCB Won’t Lodge Complaint With ICC Over Recent Ball Tampering Incident

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and its management has decided to not to lodge a complaint with the International Cricket Council (ICC) despite video evidence against England bowler Liam Plunkett.

The ICC gave its verdict cleared Plunkett almost immediately after the conclusion of the 2nd ODI. The decision caused an outrage, especially on the social media.

A three-second video clip showed Plunkett rubbing his fingernails across the ball, which left huge imprints on it. The condition of the ball clearly suggested that it has been tampered with.

Despite such compelling evidence, it seems highly suspicious as to how Plunkett was cleared so quickly by ICC and even more so, why PCB isn’t lodging a complaint.


In the 75th ICC Annual Conference, which was held almost 10 months ago, the ICC presumably ‘strengthened its Code of Conduct to improve the standards of the game like never before.’

During the conference, ball tampering was categorized as a level-3 offense while shouting abuse was termed as a level-1 offense.

The governing body introduced strict laws themselves but failed to implement them in the correct manner, according to many experts, following the outcome of the Plunkett incident.

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