Airport Official Returns Lost Valuables and Gold to Passenger

An official of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is being lauded for his honesty, as he returned a lost bag containing valuable items to its owner.

CAA employee, Qaiser Khan, found a bag left by a passenger coming from Sharjah at the Bacha Khan Airport’s lounge. He handed it over to Shift In-charge of the airport administration, Hameed, who searched the bag and found gold ornaments and other valuables in it.



CAA Officials Set Another Example of Honesty at Peshawar Airport

The official managed to find the passenger’s address from the tag on the bag. Hameed went all the way to the passenger’s home in Hangu (nearly 100 KM away from the airport in Peshawar) and handed over the bag to its owner.

The passenger thanked the employee for returning his bag safely. He told that he was quite worried about the lost bag, as the valuables were for his daughter’s dowry. The CAA appreciated the employee’s honesty and will issue a letter of appreciation and arrange a ceremony to honor his integrity and trustworthiness.

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