CAA Officials Set Another Example of Honesty at Peshawar Airport

Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) officials returned a lost bag full of valuable items to its owner on Sunday at Bacha Khan International Airport Peshawar. Staff members Shahzad and Hanif of CAA’s vigilance section were on regular duty when they found a lost bag in the international Arrival area of the airport.

The bag contained valuables including gold ornaments, UAE currency (3600 AED) and a cell phone.

The honest staff members took the bag in their custody and handed it over to the terminal manager.

LCAA staff traced the owner of the luggage who boarded a flight from ‘Ras Al Khaimah’ (UAE) to Peshawar earlier that day. The owner belonged to Swat and was working in UAE. All of his savings and valuables in the bag were for his daughter’s dowry.

CAA officials returned the bag safely to the owner who praised their efforts in finding and returning his lost luggage. The organization will also give appreciation certificates to the staff for their honesty and trustworthiness.

In March, a civil aviation official in Lahore returned a lost bag containing jewelry worth Rs 4 million to its owner, who had forgotten it in the departure lounge of Lahore Airport.

  • I’m sad to say this, even more so as a Pakistani, but for every example of honesty we have at least a hundred of dishonesty and deceit. Hopefully we’ll use these honest examples as guides in the future.

  • Well done team really impressed me my mother lost her 30kg Islamabad airport last year on 11 August until now no news. I wish same honest people at Islamabad airport please

  • We try hard to get bag from airport my mother said there are 4 rooms full of lost bags but no return

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