Govt Proposes Amnesty Scheme for Smuggled Vehicles

The government has decided to propose an amnesty scheme to owners of smuggled vehicles in some parts of the country.

According to Express Tribune, Prime Minister Imran Khan disclosed the decision at a session of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa cabinet on Saturday. This was revealed by the senior officials who attended the session.

KP Revenue Minister Shakil Ahmed briefed the premier on tax collection in the province, the officials said.

It was pointed out that hundreds of thousands of non-customs paid smuggled vehicles are in use in Malakand Division and the former tribal districts, and recommended that the government provide a one-time amnesty scheme to their owners.

More than 500,000 such vehicles are on the roads of Malakand alone, a senior KP finance department official said, citing official statistics.

The prime minister, on hearing the suggestion, informed the participants that the government has decided to extend an amnesty scheme for non-customs paid vehicles in all merged tribal districts, Malakand Division and Balochistan.

Despite a five-year exemption in taxes, the residents of merged tribal districts and Malakand’s public protests have made it difficult for authorities to carry out action against non-customs paid vehicles.

This will not be the first time an amnesty scheme is introduced for smuggled vehicles. The Pakistan People’s Party government ran a month-long scheme in March 2013 which resulted in the registration of 34,000 non-customs paid vehicles all over the country.

The government was able to generate Rs. 10 billion in the resulting customs duty payments.

Image via Reddit (Tayyab97)

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